Discover the innovative BOA system in La Sportiva Jackal II

Let’s analyze trail running shoes La Sportiva Jackal II BOAthis model belongs to the extensive catalog of the Italian brand with a strong focus on performance, offering Premium long-distance comfort and fit.

La Sportiva Jackal II BOA belongs to Ziano de Fiemme’s mountain running series. Shoes designed for ultra-distance and long training sessions Mid-range benefits from the cushioning effect of its high energy return technology, Infinitoo.

But before talking about the benefits of its midsole, it’s worth emphasizing BOA Fitting Systemthe famous adjustment system that replaces traditional shoelaces with coated steel cables and adjustment dials, providing a precise and fast method.

Specifically, let’s take a look at its advanced systems BOA PerformFit™ Wrap. BOA PerformFit Wrap’s fine-tuned configuration is scientifically proven, having been tested no less than 2,000 times in the BOA Performance Fit Lab. result: Improves athlete’s speed, agility and endurance by wrapping and conforming to the midfoot, providing superior heel lock-in, improved midsole connection and greater freedom in the forefoot area.

Here we can see the numbers from the study:

– Increase speed and resistance: At the same level of effort, they were 1.5% faster.
-Improve stability: Their ankle rotation speed is reduced by 7%, resulting in improved stability and consistency.
-Efficient energy transfer: Improved midsole connection and heel support increase by 3%, optimizing energy utilization.
– Explosive changes of direction: They are 9% more efficient at changing direction, allowing for rapid acceleration and deceleration.

To sum up, a mm adjustment. The upper’s two BOA® discs combined with dual 3-layer microfiber closure flaps guarantee a perfect fit throughout the foot and increase traction in the heel area, improving stability and reducing stress on most technologies regional impact.
Now let’s see what you’re made of Midsole and its innovative combination with shoe soles. with a drop 7mm (rear height 29mm, front height 22mm) Different densities of EVA improve cushioning at the front and provide stability during racing at the rear.

This component is integrated into the midsole EVA rock shield High density provides a more balanced ride and increases impact protection in rocky terrain.

solemade from this compound Frisian redwith studs of different thicknesses, an impact braking system and longitudinal FLEX grooves that allow the flex to harmonize with the natural bending line of the foot.

The front is made from lightweight thermoformed impact-resistant rubber for lightweight and protection, while a dual-composite FriXion Red sole ensures maximum traction and’s about youA technology package designed for runners looking for their limit and their own.

The sum total of this technological development has allowed us Weight 300g in the men’s competition.
What’s more, the La Sportiva Jackal II BOA is a shoe full of details, with every detail studied from upper to sole to improve long-distance foot comfort: Comfortable fit, wide shoe last Designed specifically for ultramarathons, the soft, enveloping comfort-fit elastic tongue allows for maximum freedom of movement, and the sock-like construction keeps rocks or mud out.Inside the shoe we find Ortholite insole Thickness is 4mm

.In shortThe La Sportiva Jackal II BOA is the perfect choice for trail runners looking for performance and comfort. Its BOA PerformFit™ Wrap system provides millimeter-level fit, backed by 2,000 scientific tests. Infinitoo technology in the midsole provides high energy return cushioning. Details like FriXion Red sole, Rock-Shield and elastic tongue ensure stability and protection. Ortholite footbed and sock-like construction add long-distance comfort.arrive Price 199 euros La Sportiva Jackal II BOA weighs 300 grams A complete selection for high-level trail running.

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