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September 17 is a date that marks the birth of people with extraordinary determination and perseverance in achieving their goals. These people are known for their ability to build successful careers and hold leadership positions for a long time. In this article, we will look at the unique characteristics of people born on this day and how their approach to life sets them apart from others.

Born today

Among those celebrating his birthday today is a mountaineer and the king of the 8000m race. Reinhold Messner, singer Anastasiawhose real name is Anastasia Lyn Newkirk and the psychiatrist again Paolo Crepet and director Baz Luhrmann (real name Marc Anthony Luhrmann), author of such films as “Moulin Rouge,” “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio and the recent “Elvis.”

Irresistible Determination

Those born on September 17th have a fortitude that makes them almost unstoppable if they set a goal. Their persistence is amazing and no matter how long it takes to achieve a goal, they are willing to put in as much time as necessary. These individuals are like boulders, difficult to scratch and even more difficult to suppress. When they set a goal, no task is insurmountable.

Despite their enthusiasm, they are distinguished by a serious and goal-oriented approach. I’m not one to have irrational outbursts or attack problems with rage. They prefer to overcome obstacles gradually, using unrelenting pressure that slowly but surely suppresses any resistance.

Resistance under pressure

In critical situations, those born on September 17 show remarkable composure. They are not easily overcome by nervousness or despair, and their calm under pressure is an invaluable asset to anyone who works or collaborates with them.

Although some of them may be creative, many are more oriented towards rationality and logic. They are often physically strong and incredibly stubborn individuals who rely primarily on the left hemisphere of the brain to make logical decisions. They organize their thoughts by following consistent and systematic reasoning.

Justice and equality

Those born on September 17th have a strong tendency to evaluate situations fairly and fairly. They are able to resolve disputes impartially, but at the same time demand fair treatment and recognition of their actions. This tendency often leads them to become excellent lawyers or arbitrators.

Supporters of conservatism

Although they may strive for gradual change and improvement of existing institutions, those born on September 17th are generally in favor of the status quo. They value the preservation of popular norms and traditions and tend to side with conservatives. Their aversion to disorder and anarchy drives them toward organization and respect for rules.

Eccentric humor and apparent seriousness

These people often hide an eccentric side behind their apparent seriousness. They can be very cheerful in company, but this side of their character does not appear spontaneously. Their quirky sense of humor makes them unique, and their self-sufficiency protects them from being influenced by the whims of others.

Numbers and planets: the influence of Saturn

Those born on September 17 are ruled by the number 8 and the planet Saturn. This combination brings feelings of limitation, limitation and judgment. The number 8 indicates a conflict between the material and spiritual worlds. The influence of Saturn and Mercury (ruling Virgo) emphasizes the seriousness of these individuals.

Tarot: the stars and the importance of respect and kindness

The Tarot card associated with September 17th is the Star card, symbolizing the wonders of earthly life and the presence of the spiritual world. This card suggests avoiding being overly attached to the physical aspects of life and developing respect and kindness towards others.

Health: Exercise and Balance

To maintain health, those born on September 17, regardless of activity level, should engage in intense physical exercise to avoid weight problems. They should pay special attention to nutrition, avoiding excess fats and proteins. To satisfy sexual needs, stable love relationships and limited physical and emotional confrontations are desirable.

Advice: Be nice and have fun.

Those born on September 17 are advised to be more calm and find time for entertainment. They should not be afraid of lightness and carelessness. Learning to relax and let go of rigidity can enrich their lives.

In conclusion, those born on September 17th bring with them tireless determination and a penchant for justice and honesty. These are serious individuals, but in company the eccentric side comes out. Their persistence makes them unstoppable, and their dedication to others makes them stand out from the crowd.

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