Discover the trendy haircuts in 2023

dfrom pixies to long hair, the trendy haircuts in 2023 are ready to satisfy all hair types. If you want to keep up with the times, this is how you need to renew yourself

New Year New Life. If you really want to give a break to the past and renew your look, start with your hair. Give it up and show off a new version of you. Of course, pay attention to current fashions if you always want to keep up with the times. Here’s what they are trendy haircuts in 2023: discover the one that best suits you.

The haircuts you can’t give up in 2023

Needless to deny it: not all haircuts are suitable for us. There are those who donate a timeless bob and those who, due to the features of their face, prefer to keep their hair long. But what are the most popular looks in 2023?

You don’t need eccentric looks to enhance your hair and enhance your beauty. Keyword? Essentiality. It’s the secret to giving your face a touch of elegance, without giving up a refresh (which is often really necessary). No need to venture with impressive looks: just opt ​​for versatile, comfortable, current and absolutely fashionable cuts. The trendiest haircuts in 2023 make lightness their workhorse. I am cuts natural and easy to care foralso perfect for women who struggle to manage their hair or who lack the time to tidy it up every morning.

Do you remember the drastic and decisive cut experienced years ago by Anne Hathaway? Or keep in mind the look of Emma Watson. And why not follow the example of Charlene of Monaco? With her short cut, the princess dictated fashions and set trends. Here’s if short hair is right for you and you can’t stand the hair that touches your shoulders, find out pixie shorts. Today there are many interpretations of him. You can make your hair more cheeky by enhancing the side tufts at ear level and at the nape of the neck, but you can also experiment with a delicately jagged mini fringe. It is the right cut for women who like short hair and is perfect for enhancing their elegance. Apparently decisive and gritty, it is a chic and refined cut. In 2023 there will also be hybrids mixies And bixie.

Elegant and high-class: the bob it is a great classic that is impossible to give up even in the new year, preferably with smooth and straight hair and parting in the center. It is a rigorous version, simple and refined at the same time. Why not follow the example of Raffaella Carrà? With her blond bob, the unforgettable artist was a true style icon.

Raffaella Carrà

Raffaella Carrà

Raffaella Carrà

Raffaella Carrà

And who says that women with i curly hair can’t they wear bangs? For a long time it was not considered a winning combination, quite the contrary. Mistreated and criticized, that trend with a Seventies aftertaste is back in fashion in 2023. For this new year then, try to match the bangs to your natural curls: it’s a fresh and lively look, perfect for the summer.

For the medium cutswhat to do instead? You can keep your hair straight and fine at shoulder length or opt for a layered cut, perfect for giving more vigor and body to your hair. Climbing is also fashionable on long hair: if you want to renew your look without going overboard, why not try it? The c-cutthat layered cut with a Nineties aftertaste, is one of the most popular trends among hairstylists of the moment.

There fringeplus, it’s the hottest touch in 2023. From Naomi Campbell to Taylor Swift: over the years, not even VIPs have been able to do without it. You can choose it in its more traditional version, i.e. at eyebrow height, even and straight. Alternatively, for a bolder look, you can make it longer at the sides. However, the most popular form in 2023 could be the “bottleneck bang”aka bottleneck bangs, long, with side tufts that contour the face and emphasize the eyes and cheeks.

Not only that: the vintage taste is now in fashion and the Seventies also return with the beloved long hair, even better if maxi and voluminous. Follow Jennifer Lopez’s lead.

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