diseases caused by heat

In summer, the high temperature seriously damages people’s health. There are different diseases that are exacerbated by the heat, and others that are directly related to exposure to severe weather.

Some conditions may appear or develop quickly (such as gastrointestinal problems or what is known as heat stroke). Therefore, it is imperative that you pay attention to any unusual symptoms and see a doctor at the first warning sign.

While general advice is to avoid direct sunlight exposure, stay outdoors when the sun is at its peak, and stay hydrated throughout the day, these illnesses can be triggered by a combination of pollution, food, or other factors. Sanitary conditions are not enough.

stomach in danger

In the hot season, the temperature rises and gastrointestinal diseases increase. These diseases are mainly caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites (such as salmonella or amoeba) entering the body through food or water that is in poor condition.

The main causes of these contaminations are related to improper hygiene practices during handling, such as failure to wash hands, exposure to high temperatures, or improper refrigeration.

Allergies are on the rise

Allergic diseases often increase with hot weather, especially in highly urbanized places. The most common diseases in summer include allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis and asthma, which are triggered by exposure to external factors such as pollen, humidity, sunlight, dust, certain foods and medicines.

the enemy is in sight

Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the membrane between the eyelid and eyeball. This can occur due to changes in temperature and sunlight intensity, so its incidence increases during hot and rainy seasons. Factors such as dust, germs, and pollution can increase the risk of illness.

skin flow risk

The skin can also be negatively affected by the sun, from dehydration to burns from prolonged exposure to UV rays. More serious changes, such as atopic dermatitis, tend to worsen in the same way during the summer.

The main symptom of this skin condition is a rash, which usually appears on the arms and behind the knees.

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