Diseases such as bronchiolitis increase in winter

In winter, respiratory infection cases among boys and girls increase by 70%. One of the diseases with reported cases in the past two months is bronchiolitis and viral bronchitis, which are typical infectious diseases in infants and young children that affect children’s health. The entire respiratory tract, but mainly the smallest air passages in the lungs (bronchi or bronchioles).

Most cases are mild and resolve within a few weeks, but in some cases the infection worsens and requires hospitalization.

This year, a total of 71,814 cases of respiratory illness have been reported in the municipalities of the Salamanca health jurisdiction (Jaral del Progreso 3,600, Moro León 6,201, Salamanca 35,582, Uriangato 4,829, Santiago Valley 13,913 , Yuriria 7,689 cases), an increase of 26.64% compared with 2022.

Acute respiratory infections affecting the ears, nose, throat and even lungs have become commonplace.Most of them are caused by a virus that spreads from person to person through droplets of saliva expelled when we cough, sneeze or talk, which is why it’s important to cover children’s noses and mouths, especially in the morning and evening .Help prevent respiratory diseases caused by low temperature and environmental pollution in winter

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