Disney, everything you need to know about the sixth chapter of “Pirates of the Caribbean”: news about the long-awaited film

It seemed impossible, but instead we’re talking about Pirates of the Caribbean season six: fans rejoice.

During power on Netflix documentary series about the trial that rocked Hollywood are going crazy, that is, the one in between Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber HeardWhat many fans now thought was a lost opportunity is materializing on the horizon: a new chapter Pirates of the Caribbean.

We’ve actually been talking about this for years, and the rumors became more intense when the actor playing Jack Sparrow he was struck by a scandal that put him in a position of war against the beautiful and intriguing Heard. But, apparently, as soon as the storm ends, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 this could become a reality. But what is known today?

Pirates of the Caribbean 6, where are we?

Curiosity became even more persistent after the interview given showrunner Craig Mazinfamous from the series HBO Chernobyl AND Last of us in the LA Times, during which he revealed that he might be involved in the next chapter of the saga.

All the news about “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” (Photo: official Instagram profile @piratideicaraibiofficial) – Velvetcinema.it

Thus, Mazin confirmed that Disney ready to start productioneven if it became another obstacle actors’ and writers’ strike. The producer made it clear that for this project he really wanted to be present Ted Elliotwriter of the first four chapters, but believed that Disney would not accept it. “We pitched our idea to Disney, thinking, ‘They’ll never accept it, it’s too weird.’ And yet they did it!”– said the creator. “And then Ted wrote a fantastic script. But now there is a strike, and we are all waiting.”

After these revelations, all you need to do is prepare to watch it in the cinema. The sixth chapter of Pirates of the Caribbean, although obviously this won’t happen any time soon. The successful saga was so successful that Disney decided to make it too in the meantime. spin off(perhaps to fill the void of uncertainty about its sequel, a reboot of sorts), telling an original story set in the same context, but disconnected from Jack Sparrow. The fact is that this project is also under development, and its future is not 100% determined.

Same Margot Robbiewho was supposed to be the main character, even before her success with Barbie, stated that nothing more would likely be done about it, even if the franchise’s historical producer Jerry Bruckheimer he corrected her by saying that this would actually be the sixth episode of the main saga.

However, today everything has changed. Return Johnny Depp on the big screen, with Jeanne du Barry – the king’s favorite, gives hope that the Hollywood star has restored relations with Disney. Also Sean BaileyChairman of Walt Disney Studios, gives us hope, given that his statements open up great possibilities for Depp’s return as the world’s most beloved pirate.

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