disturbing detail noticed by fans

Britney Spears He recently celebrated his first anniversary with her husband Sam Asgari and it couldn’t be more happy So. There singer she long tried to find happiness after numerous disputes with her father and ex-husband, who accused her of using drugs. Today, finally, serenity near seems to have returned Sam Asgari who will never stop proving his Love.

Britney Spears posted on Instagram a selfie of her hugging husband Sam in their new private jet, but some fans took notice detail.

Let’s go see what happened.

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Last Post By Britney Spears it depicts her smiling in the arms of her husband, both in Sunglasses and fans noticed a very disturbing detail right in reflex Sam Asghani sunglasses.

If you look closely at the photo, then in fact in the reflection Sunglasses pop queen’s husband No would you see the face Britney Spearsbut only Sam Asghani.

Some fans yes worrywhile others think it was a mistake that happened while editing selfiehappened at the publishing stage.

Britney Spears always looks very happy in pictures and videos on her Instagram profile, and fans, although they are always on the lookout because they are worried about her health, are happy to see her smiling so much.

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