Divinity, a review of Soderbergh and Alcazar’s surreal experiment


Announced over two years ago, it is finally taking shape and the project it brings together is revealed. Steven Soderbergh and Eddie AlcazarDirector Divinity presented at the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Sitges 2023. A surreal experiment, more than just a film. science fiction filmed in black and white and with one Stephen Dorff it has long been unrecognizable how it is already presentedone of the most unclassifiable cinematic acid trips of the year” marks the return behind the camera of the game designer behind documentary film about the boxer Tapia (debut in 2013) and previous ones Ideal (2018)e Vandal (2021).

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Set in a world obsessed with fitness and doomed to infertility, scientist Sterling Pierce (Scott Bakula) dedicated his life to the quest for immortality, slowly creating the building blocks of a revolutionary serum called “Divinity“. Jackson Pierce (Stephen Dorff), his son, now runs the studio and is one step away from realizing his father’s once benevolent dream. But two mysterious brothers (Moises Arias and Jason Genao) plan to infiltrate his mansion and, in addition, kidnap the tycoon with the help of a seductive woman named Nikita (Karrueche Tran), to true immortality.



From the opening scenes, the context we are presented with is this. marvelousdesert-like but modern and with ambitions of immortality, a longing that permeates the entire film about the Alcazar, which he constantly sheds his skin as we witness the transformation of the protagonist played by Dorff. Not everything is explained clearly (especially the feminist plot entrusted to Bella Thorne), except for successive advertisements and declarations, but the perceived futuristic and capitalist world characterizes the result as science fiction, very far from reality. references to the 1950s which can be assumed from the form, which really gravitates towards video art and mixed media.

But before moving on to one of the key scenes, paying tribute to both the creatures of Ray Harryhausen and Street Fighter so dear to the director (a passionate and connoisseur of VG), is developing dystopian drama it takes place in a world where infertility is 95% and the division between the sexes seems very polarized. Added to thisanime action is given by a pair of “raiders” and a conspiracy theorist with Dorff’s ambiguous and unscrupulous Jackson Pierce at the center.

Superomistic visions and drifts to further complicate the panorama by overcoming all possible references to our deepest fears and doing everything possible to instill in us a common existential anxietyprepares for a miracle, entertaining the audience with invitations to philosophical discussions with issues of ethics and morality. And it doesn’t matter much that the ending presses the accelerator even further to challenge an audience now ready – and willing – to take it all in as the end credits roll Divinity 2 Infinity: Odyssey DJ Muggs (feat. Kool Keith).

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It’s hard to find anything close to Eddie Alcazar’s film, although it’s impossible not to think about it. Elephant Man David Lynch or series (but video games) of various Street Fighter. Due to the feeling of disorientation and the likelihood that it will divide the public,Under the skin since 2013 with Scarlett Johansson.


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