Djokovic plays tennis with children on the street: what happened

Novak Djokovic, sample not only tennis, but also humility. During a recent holiday in Croatia with my wife Elena and children Stefan and Tara, the tennis player improvised field on the streets of Korculausing the two benches as a net to exchange some balls with the little fans and thus make your dream come true.

Djokovic on vacation, street tennis with kids

The moment is, of course, immortalized in several frames that have been circulating online in recent days as the 36-year-old is busy Cincinnati Masters 1000. Photograph of Djokovic shirtless and flip flops, seemed surprised, busy tossing the ball over a makeshift net, as well as congratulating budding tennis players. To witness this scene, a group of children sit in a graveyard. tennis lesson unexpected and no less magic compared to the performance of an athlete on the most famous football fields Wimbledon or from Roland Garros.

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