“Do you copy signatures too?”

Valentine AND Francis Ferragni attended one of the most anticipated concerts of the year in Italy: two sisters influencersin fact they danced to the world hits of a pop star Weekend who spoke atHippodrome of Milan. it wasn’t with them Claire Ferragni or at least she didn’t post any content social. Be that as it may, the photos of the evening published Valentine and Francis drew criticism from fan who really did not spare themselves.

Valentina Ferragni: Barbie Movie? Contrary to what was expected, I was also touched…”

Chiara Ferragni, sisters Valentina and Francesca are tipsy at a bachelorette party. Fans notice the detail: “Where is she?”

Valentine she allowed herself to be immortalized on the stage behind her. L’influencers she wore light-colored shorts, a white T-shirt that said “Small boobs, big heart” or “small breasts, big heart” and a shoulder bag. Sister FrancisTrue, she was in the company of her boyfriend and future husband, Richard Nicoletti and the two were photographed together in an embrace. Both younger sisters Claire Ferragni They then posted photos with the caption: “Weekend but today is Wednesday,” only one wrote it in English and the other in Italian. Users social Therefore, those who stumbled upon the posts gave their opinion: “Now you can also copy captions”, “Originality at home”. Valentina Ferragniwho posted the first photo, replied to Francis write a “Joke Script” by adding a smiley face of tears of laughter.

The Ferragni sisters and social networks

Valentina and Francesca Ferragni didn’t care about the comments fan under their photographs, as they usually do. Indeed, how Claire Ferragnieven two sisters don’t answer followersunless absolutely necessary.

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