Do you have Covid-19 or the flu?Learn how to tell the difference

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please make sure you influenza It is not Coronavirus disease In an age where everyone gets sick, the situation is complicated. However, there are some tips that can help you know if you need to worry and rush into testing.

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How do I know if I have the flu or Covid-19?

It’s hard to tell if you have influenza anyone Coronavirus diseasebecause the close ones are very similar:


-sore throat

-Runny nose

However, the two viruses are caused by different strains, so Coronavirus disease It can cause respiratory infections with the following symptoms:

-nasal congestion


-sore throat




– Renal insufficiency

Flu or Covid-19
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The difference between influenza and Covid-19

this influenza peaks between the first days of infection, and Coronavirus disease Appears 2 to 14 days after exposure. Therefore, experts encourage people to continue getting vaccinated, as exposure symptoms vary depending on the vaccine booster dose.

Covid-19 symptoms after vaccination


This is the first sign of contagion and can take three days or more to go away, and they are highly resistant to common painkillers.

runny nose

This is the second most common symptom Coronavirus diseasealthough they assure that its existence does not indicate its definite status, as it may be very common in the same field influenza.

constant sneezing

Persistent sneezing could be a symptom of the common cold, but experts say vaccinated people may experience it if they contract the flu virus Coronavirus disease.

sore throat

According to a recent report, half of people with sore throats are infected Coronavirus disease.

dry cough

Coughing is usually a common symptom of any respiratory illness, but a dry, persistent cough can be a definite symptom of a respiratory illness. Coronavirus disease.

In mid-2024, four years into the global pandemic, experts are advising people to continue getting tested if they notice the flu or flu symptoms Coronavirus disease to rule out infection.

Likewise, they invite people to take the remaining booster vaccines to prevent the spread of infection.

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Covid-19 2024
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