Do you have unpleasant foot odor?Learn the four factors that lead to this and how to avoid it

October 15, 2023 – 8:30 pm

foothidrosis is the medical name for a condition you may identify with: smelly feet.

While this isn’t necessarily a serious condition, it can be embarrassing, although it does have a solution.

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Here are some reasons why feet smell:


Don’t be embarrassed if your feet get sweaty, it’s normal, especially since your feet have approximately 250,000 sweat glands.


Due to the accumulation of moisture and the socks you wear, footwear becomes an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. Just like what happens in your armpits, these microorganisms are responsible for the unpleasant odor.

If you have hyperhidrosis (a condition that causes excessive sweating), the stench may be more noticeable.


he Athlete’s foot This is a fairly common fungal infection, but it can also affect your nails. “Fungi like to grow in warm, moist places, so when your feet sweat in shoes and socks, it creates the perfect environment for fungus,” the researchers told Insider. Dr. Dandy Engerman,Dermatologist.


this punctate keratolysis This is a bacterial infection that can cause smelly feet. The microorganisms often appear on the soles of the feet and in the areas between the fingers, causing skin to turn white and produce an unpleasant odor due to the breakdown of oils in the skin.

hormonal changes

During times like pregnancy, puberty, or menopause, you may find your feet smell worse than usual.The reason for this may be that Endocrine disorders Can cause increased sweating.

How to avoid foot odor?


On the one hand, improving personal hygiene may help.Wash your feet, socks, and even shoes and wait for them to dry It helps before using them again.

Prioritize cotton socks and breathable fabrics to avoid water accumulation and bacterial growth.

this Dr. Dandry Engerman It is also recommended that you walk barefoot at home because “The breathing of your feet is very important””, explains the dermatologist.

In the simplest case Foot powder is a great solutionBut if it is a medical problem, then it is best to consult a specialist to find the best treatment path.

This article It is intended to provide information, not medical advice or solutions..

Always consult your doctor or specialist if you have questions about your health or before starting treatment.

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