Do you know what to do with expired medicine at home?here we tell you

Expired medicines must be placed in special containers.
Expired medicines must be placed in special containers.
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Many times we go to buy medicine when we are sick, but we don’t always get it done Or we buy some products and keep them in our medicine cabinet, but over time they expire, so we can ask ourselves What to do with expired medicine?

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have issued a series of recommendations to enable the safe disposal of these drugs.but First we need to explain what expired drugs are. or with an expiration date attached.

The function of this legend is Check its effectiveness and safety periodTherefore, to avoid poisoning or drug failure, pharmaceutical companies must obligation to make their products effective.

The World Health Organization warns that drugs They should not be thrown into the general trash. Because there is a risk of using it for other purposes, e.g. counterfeit or sellespecially if it was thrown away with everything and the box, plastic, glass container or blister in which it was found.

Throwing medications into regular trash can contaminate soil and water.
Throwing medications into regular trash can contaminate soil and water.

When stored in regular garbage, the remaining waste can contaminate the subsoil as it decomposes, thereby contaminating water, soil or air.this Improper disposal possible It will be dangerous if the water source is polluted or local sources used by nearby communities or wildlife.

explained at some conferences held at the National Autonomous University of Mexico Apart from Date of Expiry Must be obeyed How to store medicationsbe careful when storing, If they are near a heat source, outdoorsexposure to moisture, cold, or heat, all of which can affect whether the medicine remains in good condition for consumption.

Medications lose their effectiveness over time.

Drug leaks are common, experts warn effectiveness or contaminated if they lose their original colorfor example, if they are tablets and you see a white powder on the packaging, or they may even and even develop fungiespecially when they are opened and not eaten, these can Potential toxicity arrivei am consumed.

Self-medication and substance abuse Expired or expired foods can increase the risk of poisoning, nausea, diarrhea, gastritis and other problems, but they may also be less effective or less effective, so avoid eating them if the date has expired.

According to the Household Environmental Practice Survey of the National Institute of Statistical Geography (INEGI), Most people throw away medical waste; With everything and boxes, this leads some people to Use them to extract them from the garbage and Selling them regularly on unestablished websites For example online or at a flea market outside the hospital.

research has shown, 2.9% of the respondents poured medicines into sewers, causing environmental damage. Of the total number of Mexican men and women who received counseling in 2015, Only 3.4% send it to collection centers or special containers.

According to the World Health Organization, after expiration, most pharmaceutical preparations lose their effectiveness and some may produce different adverse reactions in the body.

There are some Drug category Expiration dates or inappropriate design practices can lead to public health risk. For example, non-biodegradable antibiotics, antineoplastic drugs, and disinfectants are disposed of into sewage systems. Can kill bacteria Necessary for wastewater treatment.

they should not download Antineoplastic drugs in waterways because they can harm aquatic life or contaminate drinking water.

when Medications burn at low temperatures or in open containers Toxic pollutants may be released into the atmosphere, this situation should be avoided.So they must be Send to health center for proper disposal It should not be thrown into the trash or drains.

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