Do you take anti-flu medication?Here’s Why They’re “Canceling” This Popular Flu Drug

Experts criticize antiflu-Des (Health Drugs Observatory)
Experts criticize antiflu-Des (Health Drugs Observatory)

refers to the purpose of something anti-flu drugsA drug thought to relieve symptoms of the common cold has been the subject of controversy of late.

This medicine contains three active ingredients: Amantadine, chlorpheniramine, and paracetamol.

However, its effectiveness and safety have been questioned by health professionals, e.g. Dr. Diego Ramonfordue to several fundamental reasons.

Anti-flu medications @d_ramonfaur
Anti-flu medications @d_ramonfaur

It’s through X’s account, @d_ramonfaurexperts write AmantadineIt is an ingredient in Antiflu-Des, an antiviral drug used in the past to treat influenza. However, its effectiveness has diminished over time due to the rapid emergence of drug-resistant virus strains.

Currently, its ability to combat the common cold does not exist, and its use has shifted toward treating Parkinson’s disease due to its effects on the central nervous system.

Refers chlorpheniramineEpidemiologists point to the presence of first-generation antihistamines in Antiflu-Des, which relieve nasal congestion by blocking the effects of histamine. However, this generation of antihistamines was associated with brain side effects, including sedation, which led to the creation of second and third generation antihistamines, which provide similar relief without these side effects.

The last component, paracetamolis a commonly used pain reliever because it is effective and has a low risk of side effects, as long as the recommended dosage is followed.

“Generally, it is recommended that healthy people consume <4 grams per day and people with liver problems <3 grams per day (sic)," he wrote on his account.

However, there are risks when used in combination with anti-flu medications because each additional dose of this medication Provides 300 mg of paracetamolif taken without regard to dose accumulation, may increase the risk of overdose.

The risk of drug interactions, inappropriate use, or incorrect combination of these ingredients are key issues related to Antiflu-Des. In addition, amantadine is no longer effective in treating the flu or common cold, which, combined with chlorpheniramine and its brain side effects and the possibility of an acetaminophen overdose, raises serious questions about the suitability of this drug. Relieve common cold symptoms.

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