Do you want to wear the scarf with style? Show it off in this original way by copying the crazy look of model Kendall Jenner

Wear the scarf with style like Kendall Jenner - photo from Instagram

Wear the scarf with style like Kendall Jenner – photo from Instagram

The scarf is an accessory that never goes out of fashion but is renewed every season. Everyone wears it around the neck, not knowing that there are so many other ways to show it off. Let’s see how the beautiful supermodel Kendall Jenner uses it.

The mild temperatures of these last few days give us hope. More than a month late, spring has finally begun. It’s time to finally put away your scarves, sweaters, coats and boots.
Let’s make room for colorto light clothes and trendy spring shoes.
We do not forget the accessories, essential to complete and personalize your look.

The always trendy scarf

Not only bijoux and bags, too the scarf is one of the evergreens that never goes out of style.
A passe-partout, always elegant, refined and timeless. An iconic accessory, much loved by the divas of the past. Worn in style by Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and the beautiful Brigitte Bardot.
The scarf is considered a real fashion cult, but what it has the ability to renew itself and adapt to any situation. From the most refined to the most glamorous.

Do you want to wear the scarf with style? Don’t miss these tips

Small or large, with colorful or plain patterns: the charm of this “handkerchief” it never sets.
We usually put it around the neck or under the shirt collar.
But we don’t think this is the only way to wear it. The scarf is extremely versatile, so let’s indulge ourselves and use it to create new looks.
Besides using it like a real bandanawe can also tie it under the chin in true retro diva style.
A very chic way to embellish a simple high or low ponytail? We wrap a nice scarf around the elastic. Here is a perfect hairstyle to show off on different occasions.

Kendall Jenner’s style

Do you want to wear the scarf with style? To embellish your outfit, take a cue from the look of the beautiful Kendall Jenner. US supermodel and well-known TV personality, Kim Kardashian’s younger sister recently posted a photo of her on her Instagram page. Kendall flaunts a beautiful black dress and a true diva hairstyle of the 60s.
A black scarf encircles her head. But the model has not tied the flaps behind the neck or under the chin. He wrapped them around his neck. Of course, to copy this look, the scarf must be large.
Our advice? Pair with a pair of sunglasses. The diva effect will be immediately guaranteed. Belt and top
Not just around the neck and in the hair, but we can also use the scarf as a belt to embellish a simple pair of jeans or to make classic trousers special.
You want to wear the scarf like it’s a top? Get a very large handkerchief and fold it up to create a sort of band. Wrap the scarf around the torso, starting from the back. Cross it at the front and tie the flaps at the back of the neck.
In a few simple steps, a trendy top is created to show off during the summer.

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