Does Brynn live with aliens?

MADRID, October 3 (CulturaOcio) –

Outside on Disney+ Nadi will save you (No one can save you) transformed it one of the fashionable productions. Brynn’s story follows the life of Kaitlyn Dever, a young girl living alone in the middle of the woods and hiding a dark secret from her past. But only behind the pleasant and frank appearance is hidden an unlikely heroine capable of direct action in the most extreme situations…including alien invasion.


All in all, Alejada lives a seemingly happy life in the house where she grew up… until one night some rude strangers leave her and end up approaching someone. alien heart thieves. Y trans 90 minutes of tension continuesas Kaitlyn Dever’s character encounters various powerful aliens… Contrary to all predictions, the main man lives. Amazing explanation explained by the director and guide. Brian Duffield.

In an interview with Fangoria She was asked in Duffield for this hopeless stripping.. “At the end of the day, for me, it was about Caitlin’s character and, I guess, two things. I wanted the film to end on a higher point than at the beginning., because enough has passed before the film. And then during the film, she goes through even more things,” says the director.

“I really like this girl, especially Pork I believe she paid you for her sins. She knows it too. Even when alert, there is no indignation. She just says, “Okay, this is what I want. Come and take it. I feel very alive in front of you. At the end of the film, I wish the salt shaker was in a better position“, Sorry.

“And so, I believe that aliens… Well, let me put it this way: If the street dog dies, many people will ask you to make a sacrifice to the tree.but there are also people who want to talk to the guy, calm him down and talk to him, see, Sometimes a dog can be rehabilitated and become a worthy member of society. I think that’s partly how aliens see us.“, he signaled.


“They are gratefully surprised They are really interested in people from an anthropological point of view.or. They say: “This is a very interesting culture, and we conquered it, but here’s why This doesn’t mean we want to delete it.!’. Culture is art and life,” he added.

At the end of the film, Brynn’s tragic origin story is revealed: as a child, she accidentally met her childhood best friend and became a child. margin in your city. However, the belt increases the tension with scenes with aliens. never forget the importance of a character’s storylinetormented and marginalized by his past mistakes. Unintentional murder, but for which no one could forgive themselves.

Brynn is a tragic heroine who is forced to face the guilt of marrying her best friend instead of going into hiding. As such, if he died at the end of the film, it would seem in some ways useless for character development.. Next, with a less bleak ending and a hint of hope, we can finally break away from the others. names of terror.

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