Does his face look familiar to you?Former contestants who made history at Ahora Caigo and appeared on The Floor

in the first program on the ground We have been able to meet Contestants This surprised us, e.g. annabellwhich leaves us speechless recover.

But The Floor started its journey on Antena 3 familiar faces For a lot.The first contestant to be selected is borja santa maria, from Vila García de Arusha. From his smile and thick Galician accent, anyone would know who he is, but just in case anyone is confused, his sense of humor in introducing himself and choosing his opponents takes us back a few years.

If we imagine him too longer hair…now?its about borjaminathe one who defeated everyone Record exist Now I’m down! During the competition, by Arturo Vallschanged its dynamics and started having the same core competitors to beat, Borja Seems to have taken all the records.

Galicians are in 32 itemswon the Final Duel four times and just surpassed €130,000. In 32 shows, he made us laugh with his lifestyle and especially his ways. crazy reaction When he didn’t know them.

He himself remembers that on his social network “The height of his fame”, during a final duel, he attempts to secretly reveal that Clara “Nabogordo” is the author of the literary legend “The Stranger”. And how he felt when athlete María Vicente deprived him of the chance to win another final.

Unfortunately, Borja He was not as lucky in The Floor as in Now I Fall!: he was able to eliminate his opponent, but in the second duel he failed to win and had to Exit the program.

After a heartbreaking first performance, the remaining 87 players will do whatever it takes to be the last one standing and win final prize of 100,000 euros. We’ve seen that there are a lot of carat contestants, so who else could be hiding among them?Do not miss on the ground Next Wednesday exist 10:45pm on antenna 3.

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