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havoc wrought climate change They’re not only visible in melting poles or holes in the ozone layer.but also the change in pollen season, which in Chile is still a few weeks away from the onset of spring, with its first consequences.

a new study Made in Holland Study shows important correlation between temperature, pollen appearance and climate change because it has been proven to progress and scale these seasons, This can have harmful effects on the respiratory system, including increased allergies.

“This year, the World Allergy Decided to focus on climate change and allergies,” says Amelia Zarauza, an expert in allergy and immunology and environmental health.

He added: “Climate change leads to temperature shifts that make seasons as we know them disappearrecording changes at the moment of flowering and pollen emergence”. This The most common allergy symptoms are sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose.

How to prevent allergies before spring arrives?

September 23 Spring is coming, It is not ruled out that some people have allergic symptoms due to the change of seasons Even with pollination a few weeks away, the virus could be confused with the common cold, although it can be eliminated with treatment.

Pedro Mardones, an immunologist at the University of Chile, president of the Aerobiology, Environment and Health Foundation, and an expert at the Center for Allergy, emphasized to a nationally distributed newspaper that, People with seasonal allergies should start taking precautions in August.

Patients with spring allergies ideally start treatment in mid-August, the third week of August…care is variable, depending on whether the allergy is seasonal or year-round. This varies by city or region. Knowing which allergens are present in each region is very important,” he added.

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