Doing repairs at home, is it worth it to buy it for remodeling?

Mena adds: “In our experience, we have unfortunately seen scared homeowners whywhen they bought a house, they realized that not being able to do what they had in intelligence. That’s why it’s so important to have at least one professional advice nowso make sure it’s the best investment for you. In this way, after buying a house, you will be able to make the repairs that you want and need, not only in terms of floor space, but also in terms of rules and even budget.

How do I know which repair company to contact?

Once you have chosen your dream home, the question arises: who will do the repairs? “We all know someone who has had a bad experience with a construction project, perhaps because it took too long, or because the budget increased gradually without any control,” admits Mena.

“In order to be able to do quality work and without surprises, it is necessary determine the entire reconstruction project, says the professional. “This includes not only the floor plans and documentation, but the full dimensions of the entire project. This way we can request different estimates from different specialists in order to be able to compare them and agree on the most convenient one,” he explains.

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“When a decision needs to be made, it is important that we are provided with a full estimate for the entire operation, whether they are all materials to be used for the job are defined and of course that contract before the start of work, indicating the budget and deadlines by agreement between the two parties.”

And, of course, harmony between the customer and the contractor is important: “It is important to turn to professionals who instill confidence and peace of mind in you. you need to make this investment; Home renovations don’t happen every day.

BABELstudio adds: “Finding a company to work with is important. communicate and express your needs. It’s always helpful view reference work that they have created and receive advice, both from close people and from technical management.

Article published on AD Spainadapted by Paola Corazza.

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