Doja Cat’s collaboration with Skechers is an ode to 2000s nostalgia.

Now take center stage in the Campaña de Skechers One in spring, Doja Cat Here’s the first soap collection helmed by the Los Angeles-based shoe brand.

“Skechers makes it very easy to create your own tennis. Come up with something inspired by the iconic scents that my younger colleagues—Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera—have used in the past since I started with history.”from Dodge Cat, in the commicado, above the grocery store.

Collect the capsule Skechers x Doja Cat I was conceived to satisfy the nostalgia for early 2000s fashion through the use of a Skechers D’Liteswhich we first used in 2022 during our performance at Coachella.

The iconic model is personalized by the artist or “Doja-fied” using mixed materials and colors. bonus with drawn heart touches and neta variety of bright colors, such as purple, as well as more neutrals, beige and preto, with the Skechers x Doja Cat logo.

Only strong corn, stockybring back these models again chill, harkening back to grunge and 90s fashion revivals. This is an ideal collection that can be worn with a beautiful look, a simple dress or jeansgiving you a rounded tone and a hint of music, and the perfect scent to pair with our favorite rock band t-shirt.

In addition to the new collection at Skechers and Doja Cat, we are launching a new bell with a singing song, simple in its creative digital design, using cores and candles with various elements.

“For this table, we are working with Skechers to create simple, artistic, familiar looks while at the same time exploring different elements of light such as textures and image effects.”Judge Dodge Cat.


Como Pimeira Artist in residence from Skechers, at the global super shoot you will work together with teams design return to Skechers D’Lites with modern and durable footwear. And like the best Skechers products, comfort is never sacrificed at the expense of style—all Doja’Lites are built with the comfortable palms of Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam®.

A modern take on a classic style comes in the Doja’Lite striker model, which features a premium leather upper, full grain leather and net elegant, as well as a base made of metallic marble or translucent foil.

Because these Doja’Lites with attachments are an excellent piece of premium quality dyed leather and net elegant, with an exclusive metal marble base.

Feita to attract attention, Doja’Lite in lavender tones for criados with the top in the center painted in the highest quality with cobra relief and net just an elegant, voluminous appearance that adds as much heart as possible.

These and other Skechers offers can be found online at or us lojas yes brand. Models are also sold in the Sports Zone and other authorized sales points.

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