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Margot Robbie is one of the most beloved actresses of recent years, if not the diva actress of our time. From soap operas to the world of cinema in just a few years, Margot Robbie’s career has been filled with light and memorable experiences. An actress as well as a film producer, Robbie has played opposite roles and her chameleon has always kept her on target.

NAME: Margot Robbie

PLACE OF BIRTH: Dolby, Australia

SECTOR: Cinema

THE MILLENNIUM FACTOR: Like a chameleon, she literally knows how to do everything

Who is Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie was born July 2, 1990 in Dolby, Australia, under the sign of Cancer. His childhood was a quiet one he spent with his mother, sister and two brothers on the Gold Coast. The father, separated from his mother for many years, owns a farm, but Robbie never had much connection with him precisely because of the separation.

Her passion for acting started when she was still a teenager. After registering for Faculty of Law, realizes that her real dream is to become an actress, so she drops out of school, starts odd jobs and seeks to raise a tidy sum to afford a trip to beautiful Hollywood. However, before you get there, make a stop at Melbourne, where he begins acting in several films, attracting critical attention. Several follow seriesamong which stands out Neighboursbut Margot Robbie also appears in various television commercials.

Arriving in Los Angeles, her life changes. AND 2013 When will Margot Robbie join the cast? The wolf of Wall Street next to big Leonardo DiCaprio. The film finally puts her in the spotlight, nominating for various awards, and from that moment her career skyrocketed.

Margot Robbie: chameleon emotions. The best roles of the actress Dolby

IN The wolf of Wall Street Margot Robbie is amazing and mesmerizing, but the role of Naomi will be the first of many roles she has played. In fact, after the great success of Scorsese’s film, the actress Dolby is involved in other projects, both in minor and prominent roles. In 2014 he also founded his very first production house, luckyand does it with her future husband Tom Ackerley and other friends.

But back to her: you probably remember her in various important and unimportant roles. In 2015, he co-starred with Will Smith in Focus – Everything is not what it seems, another great masterpiece, proving his craftsmanship and interpretive skills. In the same year, he also appears in The Big Short, but his role is very short.

World success comes 2016when Margot Robbie played the iconic harley quinnJoker’s mistress, in an equally cult film Suicide Squad (a role that will also return in 2020 in “Birds of Prey” and the phantasmagoric rebirth of Harley Quinn). There is a first nomination for the award “Oscar” (and not only). 2018the year she played Tonya Harding in the film of the same name. Tonyahistorical skater. She is also a queen Elizabeth I of England V Mary Queen of Scotsbut it’s also Sharon Tate V Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood Quentin Tarantino, another very successful role. Next comes the part Kayla Pospisi V Bombshell – The Voice of Scandal (we are at the end of 2019), which earns her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress and other important nominations.

Margot Robbie never stops 2022 reads both Amsterdamboth in Babylon, playing two opposite, but both compelling roles. V 2023 is the main character asteroid city Wes Anderson and, last but not least, BarbieDirected by Greta Gerving and produced by Robbie herself.

Is Margot Robbie on social media?

The answer is no.” Actress Dolby is not on Instagram or Twitter. The only existing page linked to her in person is a Facebook page that boasts 10 million followers but has been inactive since 2018.

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