‘Don’t give AF*** what he did’: Wizards legend reveals why ringless Michael Jordan ascended to GOAT status

Ask almost anyone and they will tell you that Michael Jordan set the standard for the greatest basketball players of all time. He is probably what most players aspire to be. However, the former Washington Wizards player believes that no matter how hard people try, it’s almost impossible to reach Jordan’s level because people put him on a pedestal.

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Gilbert Arenas recently revealed that even if Michael Jordan hadn’t won six championships, he would still be considered the greatest player. This is because Jordan changed the way fans view basketball players after coming to the NBA.

When Jordan came in, they saw a completely different animal. You see something different… “This is the best thing we’ve ever seen.” I don’t care what he does, he’s the best player we’ve ever seen. It was an eye test…he got the sign in ’88. The entire season is considered the greatest individual season anyone could have. That’s when he became the best player ever.no ring“, the three-time All-Star said on a recent episode PodcastP With Paul George.


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Therefore, Arenas believes, it would be easy for critics to rate Jordan as the greatest player of all time: because no one else could accomplish what Michael Jordan did at the time. However, even if someone like Jordan didn’t win an NBA championship, his performance during the 1987-88 season was enough for many to consider him the greatest of all time.

Arenas understands the impact Michael Jordan has had on the world of basketball. He is the reason the NBA is the league it is. No one in the future will be able to do what Michael Jordan did alone.

Michael Jordan’s influence is immeasurable


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While NBA superstars like LeBron James have the skills, star power and numbers to become the greatest player of all time, Arenas believes he will never surpass Jordan.

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This is because Jordan always had an advantage over everyone else. He single-handedly carried the NBA when there were no other superstars like him. Currently, there are multiple superstars in the NBA; but Jordan had to shoulder this burden alone during his time and he exceeded his goals by thousands. Arenas said that this is why Michael Jordan will always be in the eyes of fans.

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