‘Don’t leave, everything will be fine’: Luis Arráez and Ronald Acuña Jr take on Mookie Bets and Freddy Freeman for slugging title and MVP

Ronald Acuña Jr had an epic duel with Freeman and Bates.

Francisco Graterol Vargas

Beto Perdomo is remembered, God rests in His holy arms, would say: “Call your friends and tell them this is awesome.” Very good. We’re talking between the Creoles, the Magallanes’ Luis Alas and the Sharks, Ronald Acuña Jr., the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman battle for the batting title and National League MVP.

let’s see. Arez “defied the law of gravity” at the start of the Major League Baseball (MLB) season. He shocked baseball by averaging over 400 runs. The last mortal to reach 400 years old was Ty Cobb in 1941. Since then, many have tried and failed.

Can Arráez reach 400? He wonders about the stars who write about Major League Baseball’s (MLB) elite every day and when the Marlins are hitting four and as many as five games in a few days.

Gradually, the water level has returned to its original direction and is currently hovering around 350, so with two and a half weeks left in the regular season, the local is being hit by fellow batter Acuña Jr. The threat of Freddie Freeman.

Now, my dear friends who are the best baseball followers in the world, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees was just 3 runs away from winning the American League batting title last year, with Magranello’s batting average 313 to 316. Our team, a member of the Minnesota Twins, withstood the onslaught of 62 home runs and RBIs with a photo-worthy performance, becoming the king of the major in Major League Baseball (MLB). Judge is the most valuable in the American League. Even the powerful Shohei Ohtani couldn’t defeat Gringolandia this time. Incidentally. Mr. Judge has spent a lot of time on the injured list this year and has hit thirty home runs.

But back to our point, if he wants to go down in history as the batting champion in both leagues for back-to-back years, he’s going to have to lace up his pants, or better yet, put down the bat, because he knows how to fend off Freeman and LaSavanna tracking. It will dawn and we will see…

Luis Arráez, a native of Magellan, won the batting crown for the second time.

Now it’s Ronald Acuña Jr.

As any boxing writer will say, Ronald Acuña JR is the most complete player in MLB. He has what he calls five tools and a hair, and that’s his charm. Reach the masses. This is a talent that few possess. Cassius Clay O’Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Pele, Messi and Maradona are the few mortals who possess this prodigy. Most of the public that went to the 30 MLB stadiums bought the Venezuelan’s jerseys. Not even Japanese phenomenon Ohtani sells as many jerseys as the Atlanta Braves.

When the MVP race began in late March, there was nothing more than a preference for our roosters. The Man in Black from La Guaira. Now, things are getting tighter due to seasons like Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman, mainly his RBI and home run numbers in his first season.

Now. Ronald Acuña Jr remained the favorite but ended up with the Mookie Bets. If he hits his 40th home run and already has 60-plus stolen bases in the saddlebag, he will have accomplished something no one has been able to do in the 100-plus years of the major leagues’ history. An unprecedented feat. Beyond the numbers, Atlanta’s leading bat was the spark that ignited the great machine of the Los Angeles Braves, a team considered the best in the majors with Matt Olson, Austin Riley, Ozzie Albers, Eddie Rosario, Orlando Arcia, Marcel Ozuna, Muchal Harris Jr, Sean Murphi, Max Fried, Brice Elder, Raisel Iglesias and The Unlaughter Raiders manager Brian Snitker.

I dare say that the most difficult thing is Mookie Betts, the MVP of the California team, because in front of him there is a big boy who grew up with tuna, grouper, dogfish, and shrimp. , octopus and lobster, from his native Guair terroir, they fly around the bases like a roadrunner from the comics; he’s a monster with a bat; his home runs are miles long and he fills the stands Roar like the Lion King.

For the rest of the game, we’ll occupy a box in front of the TV, pitting our Luis Arráez and Ronald Acuña Jr against North’s Mookie Bey Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman compete for the championship bat and MVP.

The river brought me here. Carlos Alberto Pabón Rarely talk about good things… Call your friends…


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