Doris Burke tells the surprising story of Ty Lue’s final-minute plea to LeBron James in 2016 NBA Finals

The 2016 NBA Finals series between the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers was one of the greatest series ever. James led the Cavaliers from a 3-1 deficit to win their first championship for Cleveland, fulfilling his promise to bring a banner to Cleveland.

During a recent appearance on JJ Redick’s “The Old Man and the Threesome” podcast, sports commentator Doris Burke recalled the final moments of Game 7. She talked about how coach Ty Lue implored James to take his game to another level despite his heroics throughout the series.

“2016 was an incredible series,” Burke said. “Swing. I remember in the final huddle, Tyronn Lue was just begging LeBron James for more.

“I was like, ‘How much do you want LeBron James to give you, man? He gives you everything.’ … That’s where people can get the wrong idea; we’re not rooting for anybody.”

Burke talked about interviewing James after winning the championship.

“I remember interviewing him. Only the people closest to me could hear my voice cracking. But, LeBron won a championship, he started scrambling, and he was making plays.

“I started getting choked up, not because I was rooting for the Golden State Warriors … but because I saw this guy getting choked up because he was so committed to this.”

LeBron James has won another title since winning the NBA championship in 2016. The ring was obtained when the Los Angeles Lakers won the “NBA Bubble” playoff championship in 2020.

The 38-year-old hopes to add another championship ring to his collection this upcoming season.

LeBron James has a chance to win a championship in 2023-24

The Los Angeles Lakers roster has been in tatters over the past two years. Limited depth and lack of young athletes capable of guarding the wings. The Lakers struggled early last season and were at the bottom of the Western Conference.

However, general manager Rob Pelinka made some moves around the February trade deadline to improve the Lakers and turn LeBron James into a team with championship potential.

The Lakers made it to the Western Conference Finals, but lost to the eventual champion Denver Nuggets. Pelinka made some additional moves this summer to round out the Lakers’ roster and provide balance to the rotation.

As a result, LeBron James now has one of the strongest and deepest squads he has played for since arriving on the Gold Coast. This upcoming season may be his best chance to win another ring before his career is over.

James hopes Anthony Davis can stay healthy to help relieve him of some of the offensive load.

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