‘Draco’s not Ken, he’s Barbie’: Tom Felton was ‘pissed’ he didn’t get a call back from Margot Robbie for the $1.43 billion film

Tom Felton played the popular fictional character Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter franchise. Years have passed since the last film, but Felton continues to remember and return to the past. Harry Potter days, even publishing a wonderful memoir about this “part” of his life and much more.

Tom FeltonTom Felton
Tom Felton

Just a few days before the start of Margot Robbie Barbie was released, the actor revisited his character and addressed comparisons between Ken and Draco Malfoy. He even exclaimed that he was distracted by Robbie not calling back about the $1.43 billion film. And fans of the franchise couldn’t help but exclaim that he looks more like Barbie than Ken.

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Tom Felton was annoyed that Margot Robbie didn’t call him back

The photo Felton posted on InstagramThe photo Felton posted on Instagram
The photo Felton posted on Instagram

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Margot Robbie’s pink fantasy film Barbie became a box office blockbuster with $1.43 billion. Even before the film was released, its publicity and fanfare was enormous, spanning the entire film industry and beyond. While other characters and celebrities have been compared to the popular “She’s Barbie, He’s Just Ken” meme, Harry Potter Fandom has embraced this trend in its own way.

To address this hilarious trend and fans comparing his character to Ryan Gosling’s Ken, Tom Felton also took to Instagram to post his own take on it. In an Instagram post, the actor posted a collage of his character Draco Malfoy and Gosling’s Ken with the caption:

“Kind of angry, they never called me back #sLYTHERKeN”

This post shook up the world of social networks. Harry Potter fans and admirers Barbie the film rejoiced at the comparison. Felton’s addition of the hashtag #sLYTHERKen was hilarious and soon started a debate on social media about who Draco Malfoy would be. Barbie Universe.

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Fans think Draco Malfoy looks more like Barbie than Ken

Tom Felton as Draco MalfoyTom Felton as Draco Malfoy
Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy Harry Potter movie

Tom Felton’s hilarious post was enough to get fans debating who his Harry Potter the character will be in Barbie verse. Felton’s character, Draco Malfoy, is a typical Slytherin with high goals and a desire for recognition, but he also has a vulnerable side. Perhaps his complex personality has led fans to claim that Malfoy is more like Barbie than Ken.

From the many comments posted on his Instagram post, here are some hilarious fan reactions to the topic:

“Draco is not Ken, he’s Barbie.”

“Don’t worry, you’re enough for Potterheads.”

“Draco has a lot of Barbie energy. I think Harry is more like Ken.”

Although the official account Barbie the film replied,

“Slither-Ken sounds really cute.”

Although it was all a joke, perhaps when Barbie With the sequel already on the way, fans are hoping Tom Felton gets a chance to show off his ‘sLYTHERKen-Energy’.

Harry Potter franchise and Barbie can be rented on Amazon Prime.

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