Drake, Michael B, Jordan are latest celebrities to jump on the pickleball train

Drake, Michael B. Jordan, Steve Stout are new investors in Brooklyn Aces pickleball team

Drake invested in a Brooklyn-based pickleball team in partnership with Michael B. Jordan, Steve Stout and others.

Drake invested in a Brooklyn-based pickleball team in partnership with Michael B. Jordan, Steve Stout and others.

On Thursday, December 29, Major League Pickleball’s Brooklyn Aces announced their latest group of investors, which includes the five-time Grammy Award-winning rapper, renowned actor, and UnitedMasters Translation Founder/CEO, board room Report. The team’s majority owner praised the new group of “savvy” co-owners.

“We are excited to have this incredible group of investors join the Brooklyn Aces as we continue to grow the team and improve MLB Pickleball,” said Rich Kleiman, co-founder/CEO of Boardroom and 35V and majority owner of the Aces. overall image,” he said.

“The idea is to get people involved so that we can share and leverage resources with them as Aces grows. Our investor base includes some of the savviest entrepreneurs in the industry, and having this network included in our shareholding structure helps We’re successful.”

The investment from Drake came through Kleiman’s personal relationship with Drake’s manager Adel “Future Prince” Noor.

“Just to have their listening and support is really incredible,” Kleiman said of his new co-owners.

It also adds to Jordan’s growing list of sports team investments, with the “Creed” star recently purchasing the Alpine Formula 1 team and British soccer team Bournemouth Football Club. Jordan and Kleiman’s 35V are also stakeholders in New York esports organization NYXL.

Joining Drake, Jordan and Stoute on the Brooklyn Aces investor team are CityPickle co-founders Mary Cannon and Erica Desai; LionTree chairman and CEO Aryeh Bourkoff and managing director Alex Michael; Baby2Baby co-CEO Kelly Sawyer Patricof ; Producer and Hunting Lane founder Jamie Patricof; Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher and Chief Marketing Officer Jesse Boskoff, Winible.com CEO Noah Traisman, and Dynamic DNA Labs founder and CEO Austin O’Reilly.

These investments come as pickleball continues to thrive in the sports world, with Major League Baseball Pickleball gaining visibility and recognition.

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