Drake releases new song and video “8AM in Charlotte” – watch

Drake released new track “8AM in Charlotte” ahead of his For all dogs album releases.

Drake releases new song and video for ‘8AM in Charlotte’

Looks like Drake’s new album For all dogs officially loading. On Thursday (October 5), Drizzy released the latest version of his album, “8AM in Charlotte,” along with a music video that features his son Adonis.

Unlike the first single “Slime You Out”, which had a heavy R&B vibe, Drake shows off his rapping skills on the new track. Drake eavesdrops alongside Griselda’s frequent collaborator conductor Williams in a production highlighted by slow piano chords and a choir sample.

“Money speaks for itself, I call it fortune telling / Fire from the motherfuckers that work in corporate sales / Chinchilla earflap, we skiin’ in Courchevel,” Drake raps. “Breaking news, they tried to kill him, but the boy wins / I’m off on tour and my niggas are fucking in jail / Preaching to the dogs about wanting more for themselves / It’s heavy on my moral scale / Knowing that they will sell the dog to another citizen, they think they are Orson Welles.”

The video for the track, which can be seen below, begins with a skit in which Adonis explains his drawing For all dogs album covers. It also shows Drake rapping with Adonis, as well as footage of Drake and his crew.

The song continues a series of tracks with Drake’s timestamps, including “7am in Germany”, “9am in Dulls”, “7am on the Honeymoon”, “6pm in New York”, “5am in Toronto”, “4 evenings in Calabasas” and “3 a.m. in Glenwood.”

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Drake’s new album

Long awaited Drake For all dogs The album is scheduled to be released on Friday (October 6). The rapper recently announced that he will be hosting an episode Table for one on Sound 42 tonight at 9:00 pm EST.

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Watch Drake’s “8AM in Charlotte” music video below.

Watch Drake’s new video

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