Drake’s new album cover is the work of his son Adonis

Drake’s new album. For all dogsseems closer than expectedso much so that the Toronto rapper unveiled the cover tonight. And the artist who did it is a special person for him. He is actually the son of Adonis.which Drake “revealed” only in 2018. The baby was born from a very short relationship that the rapper had in 2017 with Sophie Brusso, a French actress known by her stage name Rosie Devine.

Drake’s “hidden” son and diss with Pusha T

Hints that Drake has a son came from Pusha T in the diss The Story of Adidon, in which rapper Clipse accused him of hiding his son from the world.: “Adonis is your son and he deserves more than an Adidas promotional print: it’s true. Love this baby, respect this girl. Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world.” In these bars, Pusha T hints at rumors that they wanted a collaboration between Drake and Adidas, brands he and Kanye West have already dealt with, and reveals that the child’s mother was a porn actress.

Drake’s reaction, of course, was not long in coming. In fact, in 2018, the Canadian rapper posted scorpionthe album they contain Emotionless AND March 14thtwo songs in which Drake speaks openly about fatherhood. “I didn’t hide my son from the world, but the world from my son,” he raps. And again: “She is not my favorite, like Billie Jean, but my child. We’ve only met twice, but now I’m first in line here to make sure I get to see him someday. Single father, I hate these words, I always wanted a close-knit family that would be different from what I had to go through.

However, ever since Drake publicly revealed his son Adonis, the two seem closer than ever. Champagne papi looks like dads loves his baby very much, as evidenced by the choice of one of his drawings for the cover of his new album.

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