Drawing on Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence’s Silver Linings Playbook, Stephen A. Smith Shares Wisdom on Dealing with Negativity

In the world of social media, with so many things to absorb, how do you stay sane? Should we indulge every opinion that is offered to us? Or should we try to find a balance? Amidst all the controversy in the world of pop culture and entertainment, the famous talk show host has some words of wisdom to share.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Steven Smith has long been a controversial name in the ESPN community. Smith has always distinguished himself from other analysts with his outstanding analysis and revolutionary points of view. The American radio and television host has a significant fan base. It’s business as usual for him: Smith produces his own podcast three times a week. However, this time he returned with advice.

Finding the “Silver Lining” Among the Chaos


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The Stephen Smith Show is a one-stop destination for breaking down barriers outside of sports and touching on important topics in pop culture, society, business and politics. But being a wise owl once in a blue moon never hurt anyone. Smith recently received a call from a fan named Victor Lincoln on his show. Lincoln asked Smith how he manages to take care of himself and his mental health and adapt to any changes.

Let’s draw the perfect reference to the famous film.Silver Linings Playbook’Smith confessed his “love” for the film, co-directed by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. In addition to the conversation, he said:Remember that scene when Bradley Cooper is at his house?

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“He’s talking to his married friend and he’s like, come on, why do you keep doing this, and the guy is talking about his wife, he said because she upsets me, man!”

Smith made the perfect analogy and gave the following advice: “The thing is, you have to make sure that the people you have in your life don’t influence you that way, and the people that influence you that way can’t infiltrate your life!” But that wasn’t all from the First Take host.

Stephen A. Smith distinguishes between supporters and opponents

Victor Lincoln, the man who called Smith, claimed that he had been watching The Stephen Smith Show for a long time. Lincoln claimed to have watched Smith most of his life! As the conversation progressed, Smith gave Lincoln further advice about who he should surround himself with.


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Smith said: “First of all, you have to surround yourself with the right people and people who love you. I didn’t say yes to people who would just tell you what you want to hear, I said, surrounding myself with people who love you, because sometimes the people who love you don’t tell you what you want to hear. They tell you what you need to hear, and that’s why I think that’s incredibly important.»

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The advice is really thought provoking. This kind of guidance from someone like Stephen A. Smith, who has spent quite a bit of time in the spotlight, is definitely a stepping stone to staying grounded and practical.


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