Dua Lipa dresses nude in preview of feature film Barbie

We haven’t talked about anything else for several days. however, One of the most anticipated films of recent years It could not have been deprived of a highly glamorous premiere. That’s right, on the occasion of the preview of the feature film “Barbie”, which will be released in all cinemas on July 20, the media’s attention was focused, rather, on the protagonists Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. nude dress sported by dua lipa who, with wisdom, is saved barbicore lookPerhaps considering it too preachy, focused everything on sexuality.

A mermaid dress from Bottega Veneta

A decidedly daring outfit that was worn by the Albanian singer who, in addition to signing a song that is part of the soundtrack, is also present in the film as an actress, playing the role of mermaid Barbie. Notably, on the special “pink” carpet set up at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo in Los Angeles, the artist surprised everyone with a transparent, metallic and crystal-studded mermaid model dress created by Bottega Veneta fashion house.

Nude Dress Dua Lipa Life & People Magazine

Under a completely transparent dress, a pair of white briefs. To make the outfit look even more opulent, she thought of silver carp mules from Bottega Veneta as well as high-end jewelery from Tiffany & Co. in white gold and diamonds. The dress basically follows the trend dressing nakedPresent in the trends of 2022, the look is clearly making inroads among celebrities as well. The most recent example is the Paris Fashion Week dedicated to Haute Couture, thanks to the look presented by Florence Pugh on the occasion of the Valentino fashion show a few days earlier. In fact, the actress and brand ambassador of the maison surprised the photographers by choosing a transparent dress with lavender shades. However, looking back in time, what was presented Sanremo Festival by Chiara Ferragni who, early in the evening, chose only one nude dressFrom Dior House.

Nude Dress Dua Lipa Life & People Magazine

Appreciation and (General) Criticisms

as it often happens dua lipaNot evenacade dress received an extremely divisive reception. Many applauded the choice made by the singer, above all praising the courage not to choose a look that, in a super glossy context like the preview of “Barbie”, could have been overly explicit. On the other hand, others found the garment to be particularly shoddy, pointing out to the celebrity that it did not fit particularly well with that outfit, thus also highlighting physical flaws, sometimes resulting in body shaming. You have to be ashamed too. One thing is certain: With the ultra-concentrated choice, the British managed to almost completely catapult the attention during the evening, as well as outdo the other proposals on theme and glamour. Just think of “Barbie” Margot Robbie, but also Nicki Minaj, Gal Gadot, and many others.

Nude Dress Dua Lipa Life & People Magazine

Barbie’s success carries over to TikTok

While waiting for the release of the film, it is felt that there may be more than one trend emerging within the same project in the next few weeks. To give us intuition, the most used platform by young people is Facebook, or Tik-Tok. In the social sector which often proves to be a real container of trends other than the classic “barbicore” is making inroads thanks to dua lipa This also ,Mermaid Corps”, which also added the style of “Kenkor”, or Ken, a character who may have actually attracted far more attention than Eve expected. So the second half of 2023 might suggest a real concentration of influences, all derived from Greta Gerwig’s feature film, which became very famous around the world months before it was actually released. Unique case of its kind.

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