Dua Lipa with bleached eyebrows: a master class on their repetition

In combination with a bob with micro bangs that leave the forehead almost uncovered, or with hair pulled back perfectly, bleached eyebrows they are the main characters in beauty look by dua lipa on the new cover France fashion. Very clear, with the effect of “cuckoo”, discolored eyebrows are painted in platinum blond. thick raven arches of the singer, thus opening up a new profile, hitherto unknown.

Aimed at exploring the duality of a 28-year-old with nearly 89 million followers, the photo shoot uses the power of chiaroscuro and retractable brows to illuminate and experiment with her facial features, which take on something Martian and futuristic. Highly acclaimed in the fashion world as evidenced by past runway shows, bleached brows are now back on trend, reasserting their transformative power.

Lightened eyebrows like Dua Lipa: a master class

The return of a trend caught in the 60s and 70s, in turn inspired by the Elizabethan era, when a high, wide and bare forehead was the aesthetic canon of that time, Stefano Anselmo explains in his book. All about eyebrows There are two main ways to recreate bleached eyebrows: with makeup, which means temporarily, or by bleaching the eyebrows for a more radical and permanent change.

Illuminated eyebrows with makeup

If you opt for makeup, you will have to use a fairly light concealer or foundation that can be used to cover the hairs on well-cleaned brows with a beveled brush, such as an eyeliner brush, and an eyeliner brush. a brush with which to fold them. After covering the entire arch, the color tool must be fixed with transparent powder so that the makeup lasts longer.

Bleached eyebrows with discoloration

If you opt for final bleaching, we advise you to consult a professional who will provide gentle and safe handling during etching to achieve the desired effect without the risk of undesirable consequences. Therefore, it is best to avoid do-it-yourself procedures, especially if they are performed with hair products that can burn and damage the eyebrows.

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