Dua Lipa’s Signed Versace Collection Is Worth a Lot!

Dua Lipa and Versace came together for a sexy and of course fabulous fashion collaboration, the prices are screamin’ worth.

Dua Lipa signed a collection for Versace, it's worth a lot!

dua lipa One of the most successful singers of our time Donatella Versace He definitely couldn’t miss the opportunity to get her signed for a collaboration Collection Summer, shiny, dynamic and definitely out of reach for mere mortals. Here are all the details.

dua lipa became a stylist

It is now becoming increasingly established that the most important stylists around the world choose the most prominent artists, influencers or personalities of the time to create solid collaborations. Sometimes it’s a question of sponsoring one brand instead of the other – such as Kanye West and his insatiable passion for Balenciaga despite controversy over the fashion house –, other times it’s a collection designed based on VIP inspiration. Case in point, magazines then by the producer director in charge. it is a matter “Holidayto”, who sees dua lipa As a stylist, supervised by a person of repute Donatella Versace,

Specially designed for the summer season, to show off legs and make social and non-mundane occasions look unique, the pop singer’s collection is amazing but definitely not within everyone’s reach. beautiful me metallic sandals Knee length knit in pink, baby blue and black with crystals and butterflies, available at prohibitive price 1290 euro, How not to mix expensive sandals? two piece bikini A triangle model with a gold chain, signed by Dua Lipa, is worth 3100 euro,

Dua Lipa x Versace, thus “La Vacenza” was born

Collection made by beautiful and talented singer and Donatella Versace Everyone really likes it, because it’s trendy and fresh as well as surprisingly VIP. Strong point of the collection “Holiday“undoubtedly Reap hobo bag with crystalsAvailable in pink or sugar paper version, the beauty is worth it 2200 dollars, Special and playful is the scarf hat with butterflies, the symbol of Dua Lipa, whose beauty costs 450 euros and can be combined with a one-piece swimsuit with the same pattern, at a price of 890 euros, or sexy mini dress for the most beautiful evenings at the expense of 1950 euro,

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special mention for Medusa ‘9 Butterfly Jumpsuit5, the iconic Versace model, at the exorbitant price of 2600 euro, And to conclude – definitely not cool – the Flora Summer Metallic Mesh Pouchet which can be bought on the official Versace website for 2700 euros. The entire collection designed by Donatella E is available here dua lipa,

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