Dulce María and Paco Álvarez celebrate their daughter’s third birthday during the RBD tour

In recent months, the family sweet maria Became his strongest support during this period i am a rebel tourA few days ago the tour was in danger after the singer and her partner, Anahiwho reported falling ill while traveling through Brazil, a country RBD It has quite a few fans expressing their love for the situation. Days after returning to Mexico, Dulce María and her husband were still recovering from bronchitis they suffered in Rio de Janeiro, Francisco Alvaz, they celebrated their daughter’s third birthday in style maria paola He, like the son of Anahi, Manuel, has already appeared on stage with his mother at one of their concerts in the United States. According to the singer, it’s very special to share the global phenomenon that is RBD with her little girl, and the band now has a new generation made up of the band members’ children.

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congratulations from dad

Little María Paula celebrates her birthday on RBD’s comeback tour, which starts tonight in Zapopan, Jalisco. The proud father of the birthday girl sent his beautiful birthday wishes to her through his Instagram account and attached several photos of the girl during this trip, which will become one of the most special memories of a family: “I have a lot Something to say.” Talking about you, my little one. You make our lives meaningful every day and make all the efforts and sacrifices worth it just to see your smile and see your happiness. ” he wrote in the first part of his message, in which he emphasized Christian Chavezhis mother’s colleague and Andres Tovarhusband Matt Peroni.

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The youngest in the family

The producer and writer continued his message, highlighting the important lessons they learned as parents during these three years with Maria Paola: “You have always been a teacher to me, your mom @Dulcemaria , you have taught us so much more than you can imagine… Maybe you don’t know yet the impact you have had on us, how our hearts feel when we see you and hug you. Your beautiful heart has changed our lives forever, ” read another part of the congratulations, adding a photo of Maria Paola and her three brothers. In this particular snap, Paco is holding the little girl while his child from their previous marriage, Maria Jose Castillo, hugs them.

Dulce María’s husband shared this passage and his idea was that when María Paula grew up, she would have access to this information and realize that from their discovery she was about to be born of how much she was loved from that moment: “One day, you will read this, and maybe, that day you will have understood that our love for you is infinite. When that happens, we will let you Feel this love every day until eternity. I love you, my great little teacher. Mom, we love you, your brother and me. Happy birthday!” he wrote in the last part of this greeting to many RBD fans have wished Dulce Maria’s daughter a happy day in the past.

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Traveling with my daughter

Recently, in an interview with Despierta América, Dulce opened up about her experience traveling with her daughter: “Precisely why the effort that each of us makes to achieve this goal is so valuable. My María Paula Almost three years old, she’s at that age where she wants to move around, she always wants to be in danger, she has mastitis, so it’s always been a beautiful thing because you get off the stage and you’re right My husband and my children are content, but at the same time it’s a very big challenge because you never stop being a mother, you don’t stop,” the singer commented.

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