“Dune: Part 2”: Timothée Chalamet said Tom Holland visited the set

How much do you watch or runDune: Part 2‘, Timothee Chalamet Share details of your experience with our experienced runners.

In an interview with the magazine GQthe actor who played Paul Atreides in the saga praises the pleasant atmosphere during filming and talks about the special visit no less than Tom Holland no set.

“It was incredibly rewarding to spend so much time with Zendaya, her assistant Darnell, and Tom (Holland), who came to visit us. You have great energy. We’re also afraid of Austin (Butler) and Florence (Pugh). Because I’m on the side of people who are concerned about certain thingssaid Chalamet.

It’s worth remembering thisDune: Part 2‘Estrea them March 15, 2024.

Confira or trailer:

Based on the booklet Frank HerbertThen learn the mythical story of Paul Atreides, who is now on the side of Hania and the Fremen, who, if necessary, can lead him to war so that Paul can defeat the conspirators who will destroy his family. When he finds it difficult to enter into the love of his life and the destiny of the known universe, he will do anything to avoid a future horror that he can only prevent.

About a long section of the vault Timothee Chalamet (“Me Chame Pelo Seu Nome”) as Paul Atreides and presents Austin Butler (“Elvis”) as his new opponent, Vilao Feyd-Rout Harkonnen.

Or list ainda conta com Zendaya (‘Euphoria’), Rebecca Ferguson (“Missan: Imposivel – Acerto de Contas – Part 1”), Josh Brolin (“Vingadores: Completed”) Florence Pugh (“Viuva Negra”), Dave Bautista (“Guardiões da Galáxia”), Christopher Walken (“Hairspray – Em Busca da Fama”), Stephen McKinley Henderson (“Um Limite Entre Nós”), Léa Seydoux (“Crimes in the Future”) Stellan Skarsgård (“Oh, mom!”), Charlotte Rampling (’45 Anos’) e Javier Bardem (“Onde os Fracos Não Tem Vez”).

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