Dwayne Johnson made fun of George Clooney: he sells more tequila

Dwayne Johnson decided to play a trick on George Clooney: they competed who would sell the most tequila. And the Rock claims to be the winner

Dwayne Johnson he decided to mock his colleague George Clooney makes fun of him for being rock sold more tequila his. The thing is that both Dwayne Johnson and George Clooney have a brand of tequila. We told you that Hollywood stars are often involved in the production of wines and spirits, right? Think Brad Pitt or the recent Emma Watson.

Dwayne Johnson vs George Clooney over tequila

George Clooney

For the record: the brand is on the side of Dwayne Johnson Teremana Tequilawhile George Clooney has casamigos. Well, the Rock, joking with his colleague, said that his Teremana tequila 830,000 more boxes sold compared to Casamigos Clooney.

We know men like to brag like that, but this time The Rock has decided to focus on tequila. The joke surfaced shortly after it became known that Teremana allegedly sold 1 million cases over the past twelve months. Johnson therefore seized the opportunity by posting these data and statistics on his Instagram page, as well as prodding his colleague Clooney and making a direct comparison.

In the post, Johnson wrote that I Teremana Sales and Growth Data compared to the Casamigos they were quite stunning. Rock then thanked everyone for their trust and appreciation of their tequila. He then explained that they now have a lot of work to do both in the United States and around the world whenever they want. internationalize your brand of tequila.

Johnson then added that they would not take shortcuts, but simply go back to the old school: quality, taste, price and respect. Indeed, the Teremana Tequila brand, owned J├Ągermeister mastis in the process of rolling out around the world: it will start in the US, then move to the UK, and then spread around the world.

As for George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila, last year he was nominated for fastest growing alcohol brand in 2022nearly tripling its brand value compared to last year.

Let’s say Dwayne Johnson’s provocation towards Clooney fits well with The Rock’s character, even if I prefer a Q&A between Emma Watson and Brad Pitt over their respective gins: the two actors invited each other to their respective wineries try their gins.

Here is a message from Instagram where Dwayne Johnson talks about the results:

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