Dwayne Johnson surprises Grupo Milenio tour group

Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite singer, actress or performer on the street? Perhaps it was when he passed a group of tourists who had met on a bus ride in Hollywood.

He came across his TikTok account, which is where he is from. Dwayne Johnson, actor and former luchador, also known as La Rocahe shared a funny moment he encountered while driving his truck when he decided to spend the day with so many tourists.

“Hey guys, I know where you can meet in La Roca” I said while looking for a bus. As soon as people started turning around to see who they were dealing with, they quickly picked up their cell phones to document the incident.

They liked the photos, videos, and several lucky ones were raised to shock by the blows, who, among those laughing, despised the actor.

Dwayne Johnson, La Roca (Shutterstock).

I’m on the TikTok page, Roca Bromeo at this moment and he has accumulated more than 11 thousand replays and thousands of comments in which his followers every day showed a desire to meet him on the street.

“Oh, I’m just here for Rock. If you Hollywood visitors sometimes arrive in a big truck looking for a tour bus, don’t worry, this is just Campeón del Pueblo looking for free tacos and fun. Enjoy my neighborhood and enjoy my home. Things like this are always the best part of fame – lots of happy loved ones,” he wrote.

Let me mention that this is not the first time Dwayne Johnson has done this because he has seen the way they look at people on multiple occasions when he walks down the street and that he is considered one of the most sought after actors and personalities in Hollywood by his followers, personally or through your social circles.


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