Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Wants to Improve His Wax Figure Among Critics of Skin Color

(CNN) –– Dwayne Johnson asked questions about his wax figure and made sure he was doing everything right.

The Grevin Museum in Paris, France, which specializes in creating wax figures of famous people, recently came under fire for a sculpture of Johnson, who many believed had clear skin, depicting the multi-ethnic actor.

In social circles, some accused the museum of “whitewashing” the Black Adam star’s figure, noting that the recently released image had a “melanin deficiency.”

Johnson, whose late father, luchador Rocky Johnson, was black from New England and whose mother, Ata Maivia, was Samoan, was outraged and took up the issue in social circles.

Johnson posted a video of comedian James Andre Jefferson talking about the wax figure and wrote, “Know that @jamesjeffersonj was referring to this wax figure of The Rock.”

“How did everyone feel when they lost Rusalka?” he quoted Jefferson, adding a laughing emoji.

“To that end, let me chat with our friends at the Musée Grevin in Paris, France, so we can work here on “realizing” my wax figure with some important details and improvements, starting with my skin color,” Johnson added. .

According to the museum’s website, “After Dwayne Johnson was selected for the first edition of the Grevin Prize, sculptor Stephane Barrett turned to photographs and video to create a statue as close to reality as possible, without the presence of the international star. “

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