Easy and Inexpensive Tips for Getting Rid of Sweat Smell From Clothes

Summer is more pressing than ever, with heat waves and sweltering temperatures, especially in the central and southern parts of the peninsula.The disadvantages are many, but one of the most annoying and worrying is that sweat on clothes Almost immediately after wearing it, even after washing it.that’s why we tell you The easiest, fastest, cheapest trick Make your clothes impeccable.

The pressing thing is the typical summer smell of sweat, but all of these tips work for the typical bad smells of winter, especially those caused by humidity. This way you will have the remedy all year long.

breathable clothes

Washing is just as important as taking the no-wash step so your clothes smell good.one of them is ventilate outside, the most classic and simplest remedy. Letting it dry for 24 hours is enough, but keep it out of the sun so as not to damage the color, and it won’t have any bad smell.

use of steam

The next trick is shower steam: You just hang your clothes on the hangers and leave them in the bathroom while we shower. The steam produced will eliminate odors that cling to the fabric and eliminate wrinkles without having to remove the iron, which is a double benefit.Ambient humidity is Able to loosen fibers, soften fabrics and release fragrance.

newsprint is good for everything

Also removes bad odors from clothes and fabrics.To do this, all you have to do is roll up the newspaper and leave it under clothing for at least eight hours. It has strong water absorption and hygroscopicity.

Put clothes in the fridge too

With this heat going, you can keep it as cool as possible. Cold water eliminates germs, bacteria and odors without wetting fabrics at all times. This method works well for hard-wearing garments like jeans, some sportswear, or leather garments, but you should always store them in a ziplock bag to fully protect the garment.

sodium bicarbonate

I also cannot fault this product when it comes to eliminating odors.It works for everything: cooking, cleaning, stomach problems…in this case Dissolve it in water and sprinkle it on clothes when usingEspecially in areas that smell or sweat a lot, such as underarms. Let it work for 30-60 minutes, then shake well. The same goes for footwear.

white vinegar

If sodium bicarbonate is good for everything, not to mention white vinegar, even bad smells from clothes. They are natural products that we have in our homes and are inexpensive so we don’t have to spend money on specific products and are full of toxic elements.

vinegar is Another cleaner that is also a natural disinfectantso that you can do without all the cleaning products in your home, not only your clothes, but your bathroom, humidity…

But the focus is on the clothes, enough Put the product in a sprayer and spray on clothes. It is very effective as it traps bad odors and also removes some wrinkles from fabrics. If you’re concerned about the smell it leaves behind, you won’t notice anything if you spray it lightly and then hang your clothes out a little.

lemon juice and coffee

Finally use natural products that you have at home and won’t cost you a single euro to keep your clothes smell free, you can drink lemon juice and coffee.Tea They not only remove odors from your clothes, but also from the environment. In the case of lemon, you should also use it with a spray, but be gentle as it is very acidic and not suitable for delicate fabrics.

As for the coffee, you can use ground coffee, preferably dry, put them in a container, and then you just leave your clothes nearby overnight.


Charcoal is part of the ingredients in many chemical deodorants because odors bind to and are removed by the charcoal.you just need Put some charcoal cubes in the bottom of the bag and put your clothes on top or footwear. Then close it and leave it overnight.

Cats also give you a solution

If you have cats in your home, there’s nothing better than using cat litter to get rid of clothes odors. It is also ideal for when we change seasons and take clothes out of the closet.If you notice a musty smell when you remove them, keep open closet bags to deodorize and remove moisture from the inside. As you can see, it’s more of a winter scent because of the humidity and cold.

eliminate but also prevent

Finally, there’s another tip that’s also worth preventing: natural lavender. It is one of those par excellence aromatic plants that can be found in many closets and rooms.keep some next to your clothes Cloth bag with soap, softened pearls or dried lavender It acts as a natural air freshener without ever having to pull out your pocket for an air freshener again.

Use your washing machine with care

Sometimes, the problem isn’t your sweat, and it’s not just him, but instead, the bad smell of clothes comes from the very equipment used to wash them.The reason is that the washing machine is dirty, or Drums, drawers or filters that have accumulated dirt Due to the action of detergent, fibers can loosen clothes or things we forgot to put in our pockets. All of these can build up and create mold that can saturate clothing. So worry about keeping your washing machine clean or deep cleaning it first.

if you have a dryer

We’ve told you before how to use extreme cold to get rid of bad odors from clothes, but heat works just as well. For this, there is nothing better than using a dryer.enough put them between 10 and 15 minutes Under these conditions, all odors and bacteria will be eliminated.

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