‘Easy…’: When Zendaya reacted to Timothée Chalamet teasing her for having a ‘celebrity crush’ on Tom Holland

A favorite celebrity couple who has captured the attention and affection of fans is none other than Tom Holland and Zendaya, known for their roles in the Spider-Man franchise. Over the years, these actors have continually captured the public’s attention with subtle hints about their romantic relationships. Be it during interviews or press conferences, both stars have openly expressed their feelings for each other.

Rumors of their romance began to spread during the filming of Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, in a memorable moment in 2021 Timothee Chalamet playfully teased Zendaya about her celebrity crush, causing her to blush. Here’s the full story.

Timothee Chalamet

The moment Timothée Chalamet started teasing Zendaya

In 2021, Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet were guests on Buzzfeed to promote their film Dune. During their visit, Buzzfeed played a fun segment known as the “Best Friend Quiz” where they both had to answer specific questions. However, excitement grew when they were asked to reveal their celebrity’s personality. Without hesitation, Chalamet quickly intervened and said, “Easy there, Tom Holland” on Zendaya’s behalf. Chalamet’s quick response brought a smile to Zendaya’s face and made her blush.

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Read more about Tom Holland and Zendaya’s relationship

Hollywood celebrities make every effort to keep their relationship private, but they often find it difficult to do so in the face of their loyal fans. Fans keep a close eye on various social media platforms, leaving no untapped opportunity to get information about their favorite stars.

Such was the case with Tom Holland, who had a revealing moment during an interview. When asked about his celebrity crush, he quickly and openly admitted that it was Zendaya. This candid answer infuriated fans and fueled romance rumors.

Both celebrities were seen posting pictures of each other on social media to show their support for their separate film projects. In July 2021, their kissing photos captured the internet’s attention, generating a lot of headlines and effectively exposing their relationship to the public.

In an interview with GQ, Tom Holland even remarked: “One of the downsides of our fame is that we no longer have control over our privacy, and what we consider to be a private moment between two people deeply in love is now available to the whole world to see.”

Their exceptional on-screen chemistry in a blockbuster Spider-Man The series of films delighted fans. In addition, both in their professional and personal lives, Zendaya and Tom Holland provided each other with mutual support.


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