Ecuadorian Journalists Made a Big Mistake in Communications, You Won’t Believe What You See (+Video)

Argentina will make its debut against Ecuador in the 2026 World Cup South American qualifier between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Likewise, many Ecuadorian journalists come to the Argentine capital to report all the news about their national team.

However, a correspondent from Guayaquil, Juan Francisco Rueda, went terribly wrong during a live broadcast. The reporter was in a hotel in Buenos Aires from where he took part in a video call with the studio, which gave him the opportunity to tell news about his national team, but ended up starring in an awkward scene .

Colleagues at the scene were more than happy to introduce him: “He’s wearing the Juan Francisco national team jersey.” He didn’t like the fact that there were windows in the background, though, and corrected: “We’re backlit, see if we can do something .”

Rueda inadvertently changed the camera mode to record a half-naked woman changing clothes. The driver immediately warned him: “There are naked people outside, be careful.” Change this image. They quickly turned off the special envoy, wanting to get out of the predicament: “It seems that he is in the hotel.” Let’s see if we are ready. “

Eleven teams, captained by Lionel Messi, will face Ecuador this Thursday (September 7) at 9:00pm local time and 8:00pm Venezuelan time. The game will be played at the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires, with all tickets sold ahead of the first game of the World Cup.

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