Ed Sheeran announces his new album Autumn Variations on Instagram

It’s been quite a while since it was posted. Subtract (-), released May 5, 2023, but Ed Sheeran doesn’t seem to want to stop. The British singer-songwriter is back with a new project and announced on Instagram on August 24 that his ninth album Autumn variations.

Just like Taylor Swift during her epic Eras TourEd Sheeran also decided to announce his new work during the US tour. Engaged math tour (+–=÷× Tour) in USAAt the next concert in Seattle, the British singer-songwriter first introduced the public to several new songs from the stage in Denver, taking the vinyl of the new album to the heights. Then, a few hours later, an announcement with a video on Instagram: It will be released September 29th Autumn variations, a project consisting of 14 tracks, which is sure to achieve the expected success, as has happened in the past with now very famous tracks “Photography”, “Thinking out loud”, “Your form”, “Ideal”. and many others.

Ed Sheeran releases his new albumpinterest icon


In a video posted on social media @Teddyphoto (name on THATInstagram Ed Sheeran), told his 45 million followers about the origins of his ninth album: “Last fall, I realized that my friends and I are going through a lot of changes. After the summer heat, everything calmed down, or collapsed catastrophically, or reached its maximum, or exploded. Songwriting helped me understand how I feel and accept what was happening to me at that difficult moment.. When I then compared myself to my friends, I wrote some pieces, some according to their point of view, other songs instead with my eyes, to capture the way we saw the world at that time. There were ups and downs, love and friendship, but there were also broken hearts, depression, loneliness, confusion.

Hence the project, based on the work of another songwriter, Elgar. “My father and brother told me about the composer Elgar, who wrote riddle variations, where each of the 14 tracks was dedicated to one of his friends. That’s what inspired me to write the album. When I signed up Subtract (-) with Aaron Dessner (his eighth album, released May 5, 2023) I immediately felt our chemistry. We wrote and recorded non-stop, this record is a collaboration. I am convinced that he has managed to convey the feeling of autumn in a unique way, and I hope that everyone will like this record as much as I do.

Ed Sheeran releases his new albumpinterest icon

Album cover “Autumn Variations”

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Songs from the new Ed Sheeran album

1. Magic
3. Amazing
4.Plastic bag
5. Blue
6. American Town
7. It’s my fault
8. Page
9. Midnight
11. Zest
12. When everything is fine with me
13. The day I was born
14. Head > Heels

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