Ed Sheeran announces new album Autumn Variations

The British singer-songwriter will release on September 29th. Autumn Variations. The artist announced the release of the album in a long letter posted on his Instagram profile.

A completely unexpected statement that amazed the fans. A few months after the release of “-” (Susbtract), Ed Sheeran will release a new album. Autumn Variations.

Ed Sheeran, the meaning of the new album

The era of Ed Sheeran’s mathematical album titles is officially over. Autumn variations it will be a new project of the artist, loved and appreciated all over the world. Voice Bad habits he talked about the birth of the record and its meaning on Instagram: “My friends and I went through so many changes last fall.”



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Performer (PHOTO) added, “When I went through a difficult period at the beginning of last year, songwriting helped me sort out my feelings and come to terms with what was happening, and when I learned about different situations from my friends, I wrote songs, some from their points of view, some from mine to reflect our views on the world of that time. There were moments of happiness for new love and friendship, but also dark times for broken love, depression, loneliness and confusion.


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After that, Ed Sheeran continued: “My father and brother told me about a composer named Elgar which he composed Puzzle options with fourteen works, each for one of his friends. That is what inspired me to create this album. When I signed up Subtract with Aaron Messner, we immediately understood each other.”

The artist concluded, “We wrote and recorded non-stop, and this album was born as a result of our collaboration. I think he captured the feeling of autumn perfectly in his productions, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.”

Autumn variations will enter the market September 29.



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