Ed Sheeran, day clerk at the Lego store. VIDEO

British singer and songwriter gave the fans an unusual surprise: for several hours he played the role of a salesman in the Lego store in the Mall of America. In a post posted on his Instagram profile, he announces a video of himself in action, saying, “Went to the Mall of America today to work at the LEGO store/give away LEGO sets and sing Lego house. LEGO!! !!”. Ed Sheeran entertained the amazed adults and children who filled the Lego store, sang some of his greatest hits (“Lego House” in primis) and spoke about his childhood memories with the naturalness that distinguishes him along with brother.

In the title video: “Ed Sheeran in Music Class, American School Surprise”

passion for karaoke and the joy of surprising fans

The singer-songwriter last surprised his fans last July, after a concert in Nashville, Tennessee, when he brought the city’s pub to life by improvising karaoke and singing great hits such as What makes you Beautiful AND I so want (HERE VIDEO). Before that, in May, he improvised a concert at a beach club in Ibiza with all the simplicity, dressed in a T-shirt and cargo shorts. Singing Shape of You along with backing track and saxophone, Sheeran engaged the audience: “I love karaoke. Now I will sing karaoke, and you sing along with me.



Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Backstreet Boys karaoke in a pub. VIDEO

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