Ed Sheeran, surprise performance at wedding with unreleased singer. VIDEO

At the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, the British singer-songwriter wowed a married couple Magicexcerpt from the latest album Autumn variations will be released on September 29

“We are still experiencing what an unforgettable moment it was! Thank you for truly making our special day magical.” 9th of September newlyweds Jordan Russell and Carter Linden they were left speechless when Ed Sheeran walked through the doors of the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, where they celebrated their love with guitar in hand and a group of choristers in tow. After canceling and postponing a planned concert in the city due to “security concerns”, the British singer-songwriter he improvised a surprise appearance at a young couple’s weddingto whom he dedicated unreleased song Magictaken from the latest album Autumn variations will be released on September 29. An artist who is reportedly CBS he also signed as a witness on the couple’s official wedding documents, which he posted on Instagram. video about unexpected performance.


This isn’t the first time Sheeran has surprised fans. The singer-songwriter not only duetted on the song’s notes Eyes closed With street artist singing on the New York subway I want it so much from Backstreet Boys and What makes you Beautiful one direction in karaoke Nashville, given away Shelter From One more time baby Britney Spears at Paradise O’ Beach in Ibiza and provided tickets to plays and concerts for students at a music high school in Florida, and also prepared Pizza in a Pittsburgh restaurant and took on the role of clerk in Lego store Mall of America shopping center. Sheeran also revealed holdings without warning. at a fans wedding in 2015, when he dedicated a hit near Sydney Thinking out loud to a couple consisting of Australians Matt and Kiya. However, last summer the singer-songwriter paid tribute with the same song. newlyweds.

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Ed Sheeran, salesman for a day at the Lego store. VIDEO


Disk Autumn variations, producer Aaron Dessner belonging National like the previous one “-” (“Subtract”) and containing fourteen songs, was born out of an intense creative process. “Last fall, I discovered that my friends and I were going through a lot of life changes. After the summer heat, everything calmed down, calmed down, fell apart, came to a head or exploded,” Sheeran said. “When I went through some tough times early last year, songwriting helped me, it helped me. understand my feelings and accept what was happening, and as I learned about my friends’ different situations, I wrote songs, some from their point of view, some from mine, to convey how they and I saw the world at the time. There were bright moments of falling in love and new friendships, interspersed with sad moments of grief, depression, loneliness and confusion.”


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Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Backstreet Boys karaoke in a pub. VIDEO

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