Eduardy Tsokolkyan: the artist who leaves the web speechless with his paper portraits – video

A sheet of paper is folded in two, and a pair of scissors starts cutting it in an apparently random way. And then, comes the magic: The sheet opens and upon it stands an extremely timely portrait of a famous face. Football legends, mostly: Pele, Maradona, Cristiano Ronaldo. But also iconic faces for pop culture from Jenna Ortega (protagonist of the famous Netflix series) Wednesday) to Harry Potter. The creator of this wonderful two-dimensional universe is the artist Eduardy Tsokolkyan, his platform is the Web. Over a million subscribers on YouTube, 4.5 million followers on TikTok, 268,000 followers on Instagram.

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Its content never fails to amaze users, and its art is not limited to paper cutting. Eduwoes (that’s the name Internet users know him by) sees creative possibilities in unexpected objects: He paints with lemon juice, exploiting the post-heat reaction. A trick he also applies to egg whites is used to trace a portrait of Ibrahimovic or Michael Jackson in a pan.

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In some cases, the fire even passed from being flammable to the brush, and his works were fueled by the burn it left on the sheets. But he does not limit himself to this: he surprises the audience by stringing four pens together and drawing as many pictures at once. Or extremely realistic puzzles, as well as drawing and assembling cartoons.

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Success is clear and quantifiable. In fact, almost every video of his gets millions of views. Despite frequent comments, users furiously argue that it deserves more visibility.

Otherwise, the messages beneath the clip appear mostly surprised and admired: “I’m really curious to know what’s going through his mind”, “I’m fascinated every time I come across one of your posts”, “I wonder how it is possible”. Applause of Napoli’s official profile is also visible in a video.

Some content has been relaunched directly by authoritative and highly followed profiles, such as Manchester City. In general, you can see their rates through their profile description: $50 for a single portrait, $350 for their famous “5 pictures at a time”.

One wonders how he discovered he had such abilities, how he even tried to attempt such original feats in the first place. But these are the questions that will probably remain unanswered: Top creatorFor the time being, there is a thick cloud of mystery hovering over it. Some traces of his private life peek out: a photo that shows him smiling in the snow of Tbilisi, a photo with his family. Otherwise, his profiles focus entirely on the arts, and little is disclosed about his personal life or his personality. out of talent.

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