El Pato Fillor hospitalized again

“I’m here Hospitalized again due to bilateral pneumonia“. Ubaldo Matildo Filor He took it upon himself to report the state of his health in a room at the Finoceto Sanatorium in the city of Buenos Aires, conveying peace of mind to all fans. river For the people of Argentina, they consider him one of the greatest role models in history, as he was a fundamental figure in the national team that won the 78th World Cup.

Duck He is a frequent user of social networks, that is why even He posted a photo of himself standing, confident the hospital stay would be short. “I feel strong and hope to get home as soon as possible Continue to enjoy life and fulfill the several commitments agreed upon in advance,” wrote the 73-year-old former goalkeeper, who was already in a similar situation after contracting the coronavirus in September 2021.

As he has done in every different hospitalization in recent years, such as last year when he had to remove a kidney that was not working, Pato Fillol thanked the message of support and sent his classic greeting The slogan “embracing the soul for everyone” “.

River’s idol is obviously accompanied by his wife Olga and son Sebastian, but at the same time he has millions of Argentines fighting alongside him from afar so that he can leave the nursing home and return home as soon as possible.

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