El Polaco anguished over the death of his father’s wife: ‘Now they are together’

Poland suffered a painful defeat
Poland suffered a painful defeat

in the process of separation from him Bobby Schilenz It brought sadness to his family in his final hours Polish Once again he experienced a very painful situation. The cumbia singer has received the bombshell news that his father’s partner has passed away.

You are a good companion to my old man.You gave your life for him and now they’re together” is the message that the artist shared in his story along with heart emojis and crying faces. In the photo you can see a photo of the lady and the singer, who accompanied her father in his final years.

As if it was fate, the woman’s death occurred just months after he left. Jorge Carlos Zwirkaluk, the father of El Polaco. The man died on June 24 at the age of 59 after leading a life of excess, alcoholism and drugs.

Poland suffered a painful defeat
Poland suffered a painful defeat

Jorge Carlos Cwirkaluk was a successful businessman until these problems appeared in his life and drug addiction led him astray. The same problem affected his entire family, because when El Polaco was five years old, his father lost everything, they only had a house, and the man ended up in hospital.

Some time ago, the singer spoke about those years: “I had to support someone who didn’t care at all about his condition. Got gastritis at the age of seven and didn’t want to go for a walk with my parents, I had no choice but to accompany my mother to the bar to find my old man.. I continued studying, but we didn’t have a penny; my parents separated when I was ten. My mother was overwhelmed by the efforts to support us because at forty years old and not yet in school, finding a job was not easy. “

For his part, the artist’s father recounted the details of those moments during a television appearance.A few years ago, in a magazine Marianne’s diarysaid: “I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was in hospital for two years and he wanted to be with me because he missed me. I was at Open Doors One.”

El Polaco suffers from father's death
El Polaco suffers from father’s death

Meanwhile, Jorge is extremely grateful for his son, especially when reflecting on his recovery. “He picked me up in his car and took me to rehab. El Polaco saved my life,” Jorge explained on the same show.

On June 24, 2022, Jorge Carlos Cwirkaluk passed away at the age of 59. El Polaco received the news with great sadness and suffered for several days. “He was always crazy. He didn’t take care of his health. I always thought I was immortal. Although depression and addiction (for people on the other side) sometimes fill the void, it leads to more Depression and sadder things,” the cumbia singer said of losing her father.

with morning angelgo through No. 13The artist reflected: “A 59-year-old man with successful children, a healthy granddaughter, healthy children…that’s something that sometimes people can’t understand. It’s my dad. “He was the crazy man that I always wanted to have in my heart. “

Finally, El Polaco expressed his feelings for his father, while wanting to send a message to all those who have family members who are going through these difficulties: “I hope the pain will be lessened a little. My old man is my weakness… From a very young age…from the age of 7 I tried to help him, be with him, go to the clubs to find him. But he went crazy and that’s how it ended. To all the people on the other side who are addicted… Take care of your health! There are kids and grandkids who are suffering and they want to see them grow…that applies to me too.”

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