El Tintero holds a health day – Diario de Querétaro

More than 300 people from the El Tintero communityin the capital of Querétaro, Access to assistance and medical services State Government, daytime Coordinated by the First Health Jurisdiction and the LX State Legislature.

The Secretary of Health of the State of Querétaro (SESA) stated that during the event Detection of hypertension, diabetes, overweight and obesity in 25 peoplealso provides counseling to enable them to prevent these diseases and improve their quality of life.

in the following sections Nutrition guidance training 24 home mothers On the plate of good eating and food guidance, to correct malnutrition and prevent obesity and overweight, food models are used to illustrate various dishes from six food groups: animal protein, grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables and Fat.

for Early detection of cervical cancer was manufactured 12 proofsra, and for de breast cancer occur Breast exams for 12 women they are awarded 10 mammogram appointments to more than 40 years.

Guidance is also provided for different situations contraceptive method, Brochures (Bilateral Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Vasectomy, Reproductive Risks, IUD and Postpartum Contraception) available as promotions 350 male condoms The aim is to prevent pregnancy and STIs.In the same way, the bottle Folic acid is suitable for women of childbearing age.

In the same way, sample rapid test for HIV and syphilis in 10 people, also granted 10 lectures on STIs and proper condom use. During the module, 200 condoms and a booklet with basic information on HIV and hepatitis C were distributed to the population.

professionals dental awarded Follow 45 people In the mobile dental unit, they received instruction on plaque control, brushing techniques, proper flossing, and oral health. In addition, 40 coats of fluoride varnish and two curing treatments (resin) were performed. The booth conducted guidance and prevention activities for 84 adults and 144 minors, and distributed 228 sets of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

It is worth mentioning that for mental health care A variety of tools are applied, with particular focus on seven people who need it It also expounds the importance of strengthening the protective factors.

this dog and cat They must be vaccinated starting in the first month of life, revaccinated three months later, and then annually thereafter.In the module that does this is applied the Eighty-seven dogs and four cats were vaccinated against rabies.

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