Electric picnic, 70,000 spectators expected “No one with disposables”

Disposable e-cigarettes?
No thanks.
It takes place in Ireland where the organizerselectric picnicmusic festival, which will be held from 1 to 3 September in strudballycounty of Laos, banned disposable products to “protect the soilwhere the event will take place.
The annual kermes of art and music of beautiful traditions, which has been held since 2004, is conceived and is currently organized by “Pod Concerts and Festival Republic”and was voted the best mid-sized European festival in the European Festival Awards 2010, as well as the best in each of the last four festivals. “Irish Awards”.
An event that usually enjoys a large influx of participants, so much so that on the occasion of the last event, namely in 2022, the first after a forced break in the two-year Covid pandemic, the number of those present was in the order of 70,000.
Well, a bold choice, perhaps also unpopular, to ban disposable e-cigarettes from the spectator area.
Basically, at the gate, you will ask for a ticket and proceed to requisitioning hit-and-run e-cigarettes.
No more, no less.


Billie Eilish, The Killers, Niall Horan and Fred Agin are among the artists who will be spinning the stage for three days, which bodes well for a full house.
“Disposable Vaporizers – we learn from the note from the promoters – they are made from a mixed composite of materials, making them very difficult to recycle and dangerous if not placed in the correct waste stream.
Please do not bring disposable vaporizers with you as they may be confiscated upon entry.
They pollute the environment and improper disposal can be dangerous in waste collection centers.”
That’s all.
A clear and tough solution, not afraid of side effects and bad mood.

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