Elgorriaga, the most mineralized spring in the world

Residents of El Gorriaga say that in the past, on the land where the spa now stands, there was a hotel where residents of nearby towns stopped to eat and sleep. Its owner realized that the cows always drank from the same point and decided to analyze the water that tasted so salty.

Their medicinal mineral water They are the saltiest in Europe (336 g/l) and were officially declared a public utility in 1919. Waters took it so seriously that the children of Alfonso XIII were among the first visitors.

Generally speaking, the waters of Ergoriaga Hot Springs have a Anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. They promote the regeneration of joint cartilage and mobility, improve vascularization of the upper respiratory tract and improve flushing and regeneration of the skin.

Due to the high salinity and special buoyancy conditions, it reaches deep relaxation and happiness.

What are its waters like? They are chloride, sodium, iron waters, highly mineralized and extremely hard. Its chloride ion and sodium ion contents are as high as 189 g/L and 179 g/L respectively, making it the mineral water with the highest salinity known to date. They have a flow temperature of 14°-16° and are heated to 34° for bathing.

Treatment indications

Recover and adjust from overexertion.
Neurodegenerative systems.
Stress, weakness and depression.
circulatory system.
respiratory system. Colds, sinusitis,…
Bone and joint devices, rheumatism, sequelae of trauma.
fur. Eczema, psoriasis, burn consequences, etc.

Elgorriaga Spa features Active hot tourism cEquipped with water beds, jets, benches, waterfalls, swan necks, Jacuzzis, counter-current swimming, contrast pools, flotation pools, bathtubs, sensory showers and wet and dry saunas. In addition, the spa has a hotel with 75 rooms, where you can enjoy an authentic experience for couples, families or whoever you want, in a unique natural environment and magical corners.

Its spa cabin allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage or beauty treatment. It also has a cafeteria, restaurant, terrace, function room for events and private celebrations.

Its facilities are available to hotel guests and clients looking for day plans.

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